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#1 Fitness Combo

Does DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Have the Perfect Exercise Combo?

When Josh had me read his last post I chuckled a bit. Not because he wasn’t right, but I laughed at the fact that I hadn’t really trained outside of my house in the past two years. It isn’t because I am lazy, or don’t have the time. I could shoot over to the gym rather close, but why would I?

On the rare occasion I do interrupt my workouts for other gym "members"

On the rare occasion I do interrupt my workouts for other gym “members”

Sure, I remember those days when my girlfriends would go to “workout” at the gym and it was more of an excuse to maybe flirt with a few guys. Not having any interest in such things I am looking for one thing and one thing only, getting some pretty awesome workouts in!

I never feel guilty about my home workouts, not the least bit. I can do more at home than I could do a most gyms. The last time I was at the gym I got that weird claustrophobic feeling. Trying to do some exercises in what felt like the last few inches the gym had to not equipment was awkward to say the least.

Having all these machines and equipment that seemed to add to my confusion was no help either. Knowing that I can grab my Ultimate Sandbag and do literally anything I want is a pretty exciting and at the same time peaceful thing.

I really don’t know what you the point of fitness really was until I started really focusing on my DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I thought it was to get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and hope you can keep somewhat of a youthful physique. When this was my attitude I was actually pretty ineffective. Maybe that is because I never focused on getting better at really anything and definitely nothing of great value.

As my focus began to shift to this idea of improving movement and strength things began to change for me. I became more engaged with my training, more thoughtful of my movements and training, and actually started seeing a lot better results.

I think that when we speak about movement, this vague and hard to describe idea, many people just gloss over it. After all, doesn’t all exercise have “movement” to it? I think of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training in exploring to see where we can take movement and strength to in our lives.

fitness sandbag

sometimes I think to myself, “can I REALLY do this?” When I do it is a pretty amazing feeling!

I love the feeling that the slightest “tweak” of a movement can make it feel brand new. That really my training is limited to my imagination and how I can be in tune with my body. Finding new muscles I never felt before, exercises I didn’t think possible all within the scope of what is suppose to be this dreadful thing we call “working out” is pretty cool!

So, what is this thing we call movement training and why is DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training anything special. Since it is so vague, I think giving a practical example is really powerful.

Clean to Squat to Press, to be honest, I had never done these exercises before using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training so if you are like me, some of these exercises could be a foreign language at first. Once I learned they are rather simple, I really took to how good they made me feel. The Clean is just a powerful way to get a weight from the ground to your shoulders, a squat, well, you know what it is, and a Press is both a great upper body and core exercise.

When you put them together you get this exercise series that feels like a whole workout in of themselves! Of course just doing them over and over again can get boring after a few workouts, so Josh began to show me how to add these tweaks that took the essence of the exercises and made them feel brand new!

Sometimes we changed the angle we worked from, other times the position of our body, and even the direction we were moving. Outwardly, I admit, some of these progressions seem a bit crazy. However, when you look at basically what they are, it makes a lot of sense, they are just a variation of that Clean to Squat to Press.

The key is to pick one, not all to start getting better at. I remember the first time I tried a new version Josh created, I did one rep, threw the Ultimate Sandbag and stormed off. I was pissed, I didn’t like not feeling like I couldn’t do an exercise well. However, I had forgotten, that part of the journey in fitness is tackling new challenges and overcoming them. After I had time to cool down, I went back to work by myself. I picked apart the movements and after a set of two I was doing so much better! It was actually fun!

I think that is one of the biggest mistakes people make in fitness. If we aren’t masters of an exercise right off the bat we want to go off to something else. Now I realize that often staying with it teaches us not only a ton of lessons, but makes those accomplishments that much more powerful. Try some of the variations we have in today’s post and see how your fitness becomes something more than just getting your sweat on or burning a few calories!

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