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Real Core Training with Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

sandbag exercises

I am embarrassed to admit when I was totally involved in DVRT exercises, eating & drinking everything being put out, there was something I wasn’t doing correctly – even though I thought I was!

Funny how task versus intent is preached so much and there I was thinking about performing the task without being involved in the intent of the movement. And now that I have it down, I can tell you it has totally changed the way I move in this plane of motion.

Pivoting, rotating is the name of the game. 
How’s it working for you?

I have really good hip mobility, so pivoting my foot and internally rotating my hip was no problem. What was the problem? I was going through the motions (a cardinal sin in my movement books); I will plead ignorance, but that can only go so far! Now that I know this clearly, I have to let you know, too, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

It became apparent to me when I was coaching a staggered stance drill with someone and clarifying the fact of how your back foot needs to have an active relationship with the ground, even though the heel is elevated – it boils down to the fact that this is not a one-legged movement, but two! And there was my A-HA moment!

I have WBS (weird brain syndrome) #truestory because when I stated that a staggered stance drill is not a single-, but a double-, legged movement, I had this transcendental experience at that very moment where I saw my self performing a rotational deadlift with the Ultimate Sandbag and only using my one leg – not the one I was pivoting with!

You can bet as soon as I was done training that session I immediately grabbed my go-to Ultimate Sandbag exercises and started practicing what I preach and experiencing the difference it made – WOW! For so long I was more concerned with rotating my hip and not so much pivoting my foot – only allowing it to “glide” across the ground.

In order to make this a two-legged movement, you need to begin having active feet with the floor before the movement and then not merely “smooshing the bug,” but DRILLING your body into the floor! When you smoosh the bug it only tells you to pivot your one foot and leg, but it doesn’t give much to the other side. For me, I lost connection with the floor and just went through the motions – not allowing my body to receive the full potential from what rotating offers! That meant losing a lot of the value of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

Now when I cue DRILLING you on these Ultimate Sandbag exercises, you learning to use the ground gives more of a sense to create even greater tension with your aggressive relationship through your feet and the ground (both stance foot & pivot foot), making your core come alive in a way it never has before! Of course it doesn’t end there because as you’re ready to rise, you need to continue the established tension to efficiently return to your starting position. Such Ultimate Sandbag exercises show you so much more than just lifting up and down, just like life!

So, stop smooshing bugs and save those dead bugs for those other DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises and tighten up those lose screws by drilling into the ground. You will notice a big difference and be more ahead of the game then I was!

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