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Creating Success in Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag exercises

I fell in love with strength training the first time I ever went to the gym with my older brother, Greg, when I was 14. Trust me, it wasn’t because I was particularly gifted in being strong. I remember very clearly floundering on the bench press the first day as Greg laughed at me whole heartedly being pinned by an empty barbell. It was the fact that if you worked hard and you stayed the course, you would see results that made strength training to appealing to me. Ironically, it is many of those early values that have had a profound impact of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. 

The difference now though is that I look at strength and how to create strength very differently now. For many years I followed the path that most do when it comes to building their fitness. I just kept trying to go heavier and heavier, no matter how small the jump. That is how it is done after all right? 

As I have written many times, while we all follow this path, it is the same path that causes us to stall. If just trying to go heavier and heavier was the answer then those that have lifted for years would EASILY be able to lift thousands of pounds. Of course that isn’t what we find and then we get into a rut. We jump from exercise to exercise hoping their is some magical movement that breaks our plateau, or we do the same with training programs. 

sandbag workouts

Instead, the reason I have built DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts was to help people make continual progress and re-evaluate how we see what we think of as strength training. In some ways our ideas are slight tweaks and for others they are completely overhauling how they train. In either case, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts tend to time and time again help people keep on their path of their fitness goals. 

Whether it has been helping a powerlifter go from a 900-1000 pound squat, a Marine trying to past their physical standards, a busy mom trying lose 20 pounds and regain their fitness and confidence, we all adhere to very similar rules of strength training. Once again, that is why in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts we emphasize systems over exercises. The principles will help you find the right methods. 

sandbag workouts

While continuing to break down our DVRT system to you is a goal of mine, I know many of you just want to see how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts really work. So, I’ve decided to include a few examples that could satisfy many fitness goals because in DVRT we try to make people well rounded in their fitness, not specialists. That means developing mobility, stability, strength, power, and conditioning. Yea, that is a lofty goal, but with good principles we can do it! 

So, how are we going to create these great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts with these wonderful ideas I keep espousing? First we alway try to build balance of movement patterns. That means a focus on the following….


-Hip Hinge





-Gait (locomotion)

Yikes, that’s a long list, but what about hitting your pecs, glutes, biceps, etc? A friend of mine, Gary Schoenfeld Head of the National High School Strength Coaches Association, recently put it beautifully to me. He said, “if you train muscles, you hit some of the movements, if you train movement you hit all of the muscles.” In other words, focusing on these patterns does build your body better because of all the muscles you can train at once!

Giving you an example of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts with a 3 day a week concept, we can achieve such balance. Look at how we break it down. 

Day 1

Exercise  Movement Goal
Lateral Bird Dog Drag with Band Press, Hip Hinge, Anti-Rotation, Gait Stability, Foundational Strength
Bear Hug Squat Squat Foundational Strength, Hip Mobility, Upper Body Stability
Sprinter Stance Rows Hip Hinge, Pull, Anti-Rotation, Gait Foundational Strength, Core/Hip Stability
Front Loaded Up Downs Lunge, Gait Single Leg, Hip, & Core Stability/Strength

Day 2

Exercise  Movement Goal
Half Kneeling Arc Press Press, Lunge, Anti-Rotation, Gait Single Leg, Core, & Hip Stability/Strength, Foundational Pressing Strength
Front Loaded Good Mornings Hip Hinge, Pull Foundational Hip Strength, Core/Upper Body Stability 
Chin-ups Pull Grip, Pulling Strength
Lateral Press Out Squats Squat, Press Mobility, Core & Hip Strength and Connection, Foundational Leg Strength

Day 3

Exercise  Movement Goal
Rear Step Rows Pull, Hip Hinge, Gait Lower Leg, Hip, & Core Stability/Strength, Upper Back Strength
Suitcase MAX Lunge Lunge, Gait Single Leg, Hip, & Core Stability/Strength
Sprinter Stance Press Push, Gait, Pull Foundational Strength, Core/Hip Stability, Gait
Front Loaded Squats Squat Foundational Leg Strength, Core/Upper Body Strength/stability


The point of breaking down the above is that is I simply provide you with a bunch of exercises, you just see more “stuff”. However, if we really break down the why’s of every exercise you start to build more value in the movements we are using. We also gain better appreciation for how efficient and challenging DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are and why we espouse their power! 

What would the actual workouts look like? Try the following, these are great for people staring our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts, or those that maybe we ignoring some of the movements they should have been prioritizing. Making your weaknesses into strengths is one of the best ways to build incredible success!

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Exercise  Sets Reps Rest Interval         Speed
Lateral Bird Dog Drag with Band 3-4 5-6 per side 45 seconds slow
Bear Hug Squat 3-4 8-10 45 seconds moderate
Sprinter Stance Rows 3-4 4-6 per side 45 seconds moderate
Front Loaded Up Downs 3-4 6-8 per side 45 seconds moderate to slow


Exercise  Sets Reps Rest Interval Speed
Half Kneeling Arc Press 3-4 4-5 (switch legs after 4-5 back and forth) 45 seconds slow
Front Loaded Good Mornings 3-4 8-12 45 seconds slow
Chin-ups 3-4 5-7 45 seconds moderate
Lateral Press Out Squats 3-4 6-8 per side 45 seconds slow


Exercise      Sets                    Reps        Rest Interval                 Speed
Rear Step Rows    3-4      5-7 per side           45 seconds        moderate
Suitcase MAX Lunge    3-4    8-10 per side           45 seconds        moderate
Sprinter Stance Press   3-4       5-7 per side          45 seconds        moderate
Front Loaded Squats  3-4           6-8          45 seconds        moderate