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Building Real Strength with Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag workouts

Ian Vaughn, DVRT Master (Creator of DVRT For Real World Strength & Muscle)

A big reason why I decided to put together a volume 2 edition to DVRT Real World Strength & Muscle Ultimate Sandbag workouts is because I only skimmed the surface on what can be achieved with a proper focus on real functional fitness. Strength is never mastered, so there’s always something new we can challenge ourselves with and strength without a focus on improving how our bodies function is rather pointless.

These DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are not just thrown together with out purpose. Working every day with clients to help them reach their goal, is a great environment to build better solutions and ideas. It has been content, that for almost a year, I have been working on. I want to introduce what it is about and why this program could change the way you view real world strength. 

My volume 1 program was definitely packed with great Ultimate Sandbag workouts that also combined other great functional fitness tools. The goal then was to establish a powerful foundation of strength, stability, mobility, and understanding of what movement strength, not just gym strength, is all about. That means the volume 2 edition is about continuing to make progress on these concepts and build a whole new level of strength. You will be surprised by the means we look at, not just lifting heavier, but lifting better!

The strength training standards that I set forth are some of the most well rounded tests of real world strength. We aren’t going to ask you to be a specialist of a lift, but help you realize where both your strengths and weaknesses lie! Some of these will come in the form of unique combinations of Ultimate Sandbag workouts that I have created: 

  • DVRT USB Strength: these workouts feature your classic DVRT movements that progress each week into 3-D Matrix patterns like these. Training in 3-D in highly neglected in today’s programs and is something we view in DVRT as essential to truly train the core beyond the typical linear plane many.

  • DVRT Axial Strength: this is where balance and coordination will be progressively tested with exercises like USB single leg good mornings, pigeon and pistol squats. The pistol squat is the DVRT Strength Test featured in this program and I breakdown how a complete beginner can build the strength skills in this progressive strength program to get to your first pistol or make it even more effective and strong if you are experienced with it. 

sandbag workouts

  • DVRT Ultimate Sandbag & Kettlebell Workouts: I always talk about how Ultimate Sandbag workouts are the vehicle to the DVRT philosophy. So what if we made the kettlebell as a secondary vehicle applying DVRT principles to it? In the last program,  I kept the single kettlebell exercises very basic with classic hardstyle swings and get up variations to accompany the USB. In this new program  I wanted to apply more DVRT to the kettlebell with sprinter stance step swings, and adding more kettlebell doubles exercises:

Metabolic Stability Strength:  These DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are about strength endurance and agility being paired with the third featured tool — the Perform Better Superbands. These workouts feature using a interval clock to get the right amount of time and work for each exercise. The Superbands are great for exercises like power leaps and lateral power shuffles to bring a more explosive dynamic into the program.

Most people make their strength training only about one form of fitness. However, a GREAT strength program will make sure that you build all the physical qualities that make you better. Not only does this provide you better results, but makes training actually enjoyable too! Purpose and progression help solve the infamous challenge of staying engaged in your training.

Calendar Breakdown 

Without being very thoughtful and purposeful, the meaning of strength gets lost. It is why I made this program more than just a “workout program,” but a program you can learn ALOT about how the body works and how to get it stronger without injuring it applying these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training principles.

sandbag workouts

Then as a bonus a the end of the program, I also have put together 6 bonus workouts on how to utilize the DVRT Core Strap to fuse the Ultimate Sandbag and Perform Better Bands together — along with great DVRT Restoration exercises with the Perform Better Mini Bands. Most people don’t realize how our simple tools can dramatically improve what you are doing in your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. That is the whole essence of DVRT, simple tools that can deliver powerful results.

I’m hoping that understanding the WHY’s of what we are trying to accomplish with these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts is to give you so much more to enhance your results. The second edition can teach you even more great DVRT training principles, remember, there’s always something new to learn to the world of strength and it is why I always view myself as student to this craft — so I put out quality content for you and the DVRT community. 

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sandbag workouts