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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for New Core and Glute Strength!

sandbag training

It’s not that I would want to change anything about The Movement Strength Encyclopedia, but there were a few things I wanted to include, but didn’t, and I did that on purpose. Making fitness as accessible as possible is one of the most fundamental ways to make you more successful. Purposeful variety, maximizing the full potential of Ultimate Sandbag exercises allows us to understand why we are such strong proponents of DVRT workouts.

I wanted to create a DVRT program using nothing but Ultimate Sandbag exercises because most people only think of DVRT as 3 or 4 Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Sure, Lateral Drags, Around the Worlds, Cleans, Front Loaded Squats, and MAX Lunges are awesome, but they truly are the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

Once we gain great mastery of not just Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but the DVRT system itself, we can add complimentary items. These tools are simply to enhance DVRT and how you can layer small progressions to yield powerful results to your Ultimate Sandbag exercises.

Here are a few items you can include in your Movement Strength Encyclopedia experience to take some familiar exercises and help change the meaning giving you a different edge in your real world strength development!


These simple additions to your sessions can make a HUGE difference in your training. What I enjoy using these for are movements that require a step. So, if I’m stepping backwards, to the side, in front, or crossed over including these bad boys will actually transform the meaning of the given exercise and force you to be strong in a whole different dimension!

Having such sliders (we recommend Valslides you can get HERE) allows us to teach people how to progressively move in a different direction. When we step, let’s say in a lunge, we have to decelerate our body and the load we are holding. This is a great way to add a challenge to our Ultimate Sandbag exercises, but if you don’t feel like this is a big difference, try using these concepts our lateral high pulls!

sandbag exercises

I will say incorporating these slippery little suckers will make your exercises more single-legged. You won’t have the advantage of utilizing the step, or now, slide foot. Whatever foot is planted in the floor will have to work harder and invite more participation from other muscles groups than what were invited in on before! Just make sure to keep your pelvis neutral and stable & have a great slippery time!

So, if you want your Ultimate Sandbag exercises to involve more core and glutes, this is a great way to make your training help you look and perform your best!

XL Mini-Bands:

Ok, ok, ok … for anyone that has been following me on Facebook and Instagram you may have seen I’m a little obsessed with the XL Mini-Bands from Perform Better. It’s even to the point that at Fitness Lying Down I’m called the Rubber Band Man! But here’s what this small, effective piece of equipment will do for you – one word, two syllables: FEEDBACK. Especially on learning more challenging Ultimate Sandbag exercises.


Personally, it was a slap in the face at my Level 1 DVRT Certification to learn that when I stepped back withy my non-dominant leg (right leg) my hips and body shifted in a direction I wasn’t consciously aware of – not until it was pointed out to me from another. For me, personally, and others I train using this “band-aid” has made a big difference in FEELING the body correct it’s poor movement with this feedback.

Our job with Ultimate Sandbag exercises is to find ways to make ANYONE successful!

Placing the XL Mini-Band at the ankles, below the knee, or above the knee will have different “feels,” so choosing the best spot will be up to you. But count on this – you will experience more engagement from the needed muscles & body parts that may have been dormant without the XL Mini-Band effect! 

Plus, the XL Mini-Bands pair well with the sliders – you’re welcome!

DVRT Core Straps:

I like to tell everyone my mom added a “Y” when she should have just kept an “E,” Not Cory Cripe, DVRT Master Instructor – but Core Cripe, DVRT Master Instructor! Sounds better right 😉 Especially where you see where we go with these Ultimate Sandbag exercises!

Anyway … utilizing the core straps for basically every DVRT exercise known to man will give you a better insight of how your body can function better with more feedback! Whether it be squats, goodmornings, bent-over rows, or my personal favorites: press outs and arc presses! And I would suggest if you aren’t sure about using the Core Straps in this program, check out my DVRT Weekend Warrior Program where I dedicate 4-weeks to Core Strap training with The Ultimate Sandbag!

This is just one of a million examples of how we take familiar Ultimate Sandbag exercises and take them to another level with the Core Strap!

Take it from Core Strap Cory (hey, that sounds good) implementing the DVRT Core Straps into your Movement Strength Encyclopedia sessions will greatly influence the real world strength necessary to thrive physically from the demands of the environments outside your training atmosphere. Oh yeah, adding the Core Straps with the sliders and the XL Mini-Bands is highly encouraged.

Now, before you get all GUNG HO and get right to it, do me a favor and wait! Go through these sessions as they are designed, mastering the movements, before you add these modifications. And then take some mental notes – experience the difference and enjoy it!

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