DVRT 12 Week Low Back Certification


Discover Science Based Solutions To Positively Impact People’s Lives

Almost everyone has heard the stat, “80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their life.” While that is an eye catching statistic it really isn’t the problem. You see, that isn’t the massive problem we are facing in society. Shocking right?


The REAL issue becomes what is known as chronic low back pain, pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer. This means that the great majority of acute low back pain resolves itself with minimal effort within that 12 week period. So does that lead to low back pain really NOT being an issue? Nothing could be further from the truth!


Around 8% of just Americans (this is a growing problem worldwide as well) develop chronic low back pain. That may not sound like a lot until we realize that means around 16 million people!


According to Georgetown’s Health Policy Institute, “The proportion of workers who have missed many days of work is also much higher for those with back pain than for those without. Back pain may also affect other activities. Adults with back pain spend almost 200 million days in bed a year.”


Such results are not due to being lazy or not trying to get better either. “Compared to adults without back pain, larger proportions of adults with any type of back pain report fair to poor mental and physical health. For example, the proportion of adults with back pain reporting fair to poor physical health  is more than double that of those without back pain.”


The real issues can be found in information such as…


-Three quarters of those with chronic low back pain report significant emotional/mental distress.


-Studies from Denmark and the U.S. found, “chronic pain has been related to an increased probability of suicidal behaviors (ie, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and completed suicide).”


-80% of people with chronic pain also suffer depression


-The amount of money that people with chronic low back pain spend on healthcare is about 2.5 times that of those without.


-There is almost a 20% difference in the workforce between people with chronic low back pain and those without. Meaning that chronic low back pain can make working impossible or extremely difficult and earning enough money for treatment can be challenging.


-Of course this also leads to those with chronic low back pain often making significantly less money than those without.


(you can read the full report here if you are interested in the details)


Even though low back pain is an all too common issue on our society, our ability to recognize all the factors that contribute to this problem is quite lacking. We know this because low back pain has influenced our personal lives as well. Not only have we worked with clients and patients with low back pain for the past 25 years, both Josh and Jessica experienced the challenges themselves.


Jessica suffered a substantial low back injury while trying to transfer a patient as a young therapist. This left her with significant low back pain that plagued her much of her life until she was able to implement effective strategies. Going from being unable to perform even a bodyweight squat to training HARD with zero low back pain is powerful!

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The DVRT community may be familiar with Josh’s story as it profoundly impacted why he created DVRT and how the system was created. Being diagnosed with a severe and aggressive spinal disease when he was 14, Josh has battled chronic low back pain for most of his life. However, he was still able to become a Division I basketball player and compete in Strongman competitions. Eventually though, the disease would progress.


After turning 35, Josh started to suffer significant problems from the disease leading to 7 spinal surgeries in the past 10 years. His whole entire neck is almost fused and he has had 4 surgeries to the lumbar spine. During that time he lost the use of his legs twice, not sure if he would be able to walk without a walker. This is what sent Josh on a mission to learn as much as possible about how people could still live very fruitful and positive lives.

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Our goal with this 12-week program is to open the eyes to all the issues of low back pain (from mechanical to psychological, nutritional, and lifestyle). We will provide the best evidence as well as a step by step methodology for addressing low back pain in all its totality.


When something is popular there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings of the subject matter. Low back pain is a great example as both in the therapy and fitness industries there are common statements made about causes and treatments that don’t hold up to the science or real world application. Our goal is to help filter out bad information and help you understand what we REALLY know about low back pain and how that impacts our approach.

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This is a COMPLETELY unique program as most address low back pain only from the perspective of strength training, corrective exercise, mobility, and such. Since low back pain isn’t usually the result of only one issue, we are going to lay out the most comprehensive approach in the industry to low back pain. You will come away with a brand new understanding, appreciation, and empowerment to positively impacting low back issues.



Our goal is to help you filter through the real science (not blog posts or internet memes) of chronic low back pain to see what real solutions can be offered. As well as gaining a true appreciation for the complexity of low back pain and the many factors one has to consider in not just addressing the pain, but the person first and foremost. Their experience with their pain is so much more powerful than focusing on the physical pain absent of the person.

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Due to the many factors that can contribute to low back pain, we are going to help people learn powerful tools in getting the best picture of what is happening with every individual. Understanding what are impactful screens and considerations will lead us to developing more effective programs.

Simple doesn’t mean easy and we are aiming to get the most information from an individual that will give us the “big picture” of the problem rather than trying to boil the pain down to one issue. The reality is chronic low back pain is very complex and needs to be seen in its totality to find real solutions for any individual.



Having both a physical therapist and a strength coach with over 25 years of experience working with low back pain gives a very unique perspective to this program. However, not only are Josh and Jessica very well versed in the science of low back pain, they have dealt with severe health issues as well giving them insights that one can’t learn just from books or research.