DVRT 12 Week Low Back Certification


Discover Science Based Solutions To Positively Impact People’s Lives

Almost everyone has heard the stat, “80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their life.” Did you know though that almost 70% of people will experience shoulder issues?

Shocking right?

The REAL issue becomes that most people think that a shoulder issue is JUST a shoulder problem. If we understand how our body really functions, we see that a shoulder issue can be a byproduct of several areas of our body not functioning at an optimal level (areas like the feet, neck, and much more!)

Many think that if we just think posture, then shoulder issues will resolve. However, addressing posture is MUCH more than strengthening, stretching, or mobilizing areas of the body. There are much deeper factors that can impact posture that need to be addressed.

Our shoulders are barely connected to our skeleton and that means so many MORE variables can impact how our shoulders perform, move, and feel. What should we look at in order to properly address all the aspects of shoulder health.

The issues around shoulder health are a lot more surprising than most people realize…


-1 in 10 Americans will experience shoulder pain that causes them to go to their doctor.


-The shoulder could be symptomatic to issues that are stemming from the neck, core, hips, lower leg/foot to emotional states, posture, and more!!!


-Many methods for trying to improve your shoulder mobility and stability may actually make the shoulder more prone to issues.


-A LOT of popular “corrective” shoulder exercises are not actually designed to help address the complexity of shoulder problems and restoring proper function

Even though shoulder problems are an all too common issue on our society, our ability to recognize all the factors that contribute to this problem is quite lacking. We know this because shoulder problems has influenced our personal lives as well. Jessica was on track to become an Olympian in swimming for the Atlanta Olympics until she suffered devastating shoulder injuries. These injuries not only kept her from reaching her athletic dreams, but had a big impact on her daily life as well.

shoulder workout

Not only is Jessica now completely pain free, she is stronger than ever too! It wasn’t just from training her shoulders more, but learning where her body was hiding compensations and if we connected the body smarter, she became stronger and healthier faster.

shoulder workout

Our goal with this 4 week program is not only to help people become healthier, but to learn strategies that will keep them healthy while being able to accomplish their fitness goals. This will not only transform how you see shoulder health, but a much greater understanding of how our body functions. Learning these strategies will give you an edge in every area of your training and coaching.

This 4 week course will COMPLETELY shake up how you think about the shoulder and we will be dispelling a lot of myths surround improving shoulder health. When something is popular there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings of the subject matter. Shoulder issues are a great example as both in the therapy and fitness industries there are common statements made about causes and treatments that don’t hold up to the science or real world application. Our goal is to help filter out bad information and help you understand what we REALLY know about low back pain and how that impacts our approach.

low back pain

This is a COMPLETELY unique program as most address shoulder issues only from the perspective of individual muscles and the joint. Since shoulder health isn’t usually the result of only one issue, we are going to lay out the most comprehensive approach in the industry to address shoulder problems. You will come away with a brand new understanding, appreciation, and empowerment to positively impacting shoulder health.



shoulder stabilityshoulder pain


Our goal is to help you filter through the real science (not blog posts or internet memes) of shoulder problems to see what real solutions can be offered. As well as gaining a true appreciation for the complexity of the shoulder and the many factors one has to consider in not just addressing the pain, but the person first and foremost. Their experience with their pain is so much more powerful than focusing on the physical pain absent of the person.

low back pain


Due to the many factors that can contribute to shoulder issues, we are going to help people learn powerful tools in getting the best picture of what is happening with every individual. Understanding what are impactful screens and considerations will lead us to developing more effective programs.

Simple doesn’t mean easy and we are aiming to get the most information from an individual that will give us the “big picture” of the problem rather than trying to boil the pain down to one issue. The reality is shoulder health is very complex and needs to be seen in its totality to find real solutions for any individual.



Having both a physical therapist and a strength coach with over 25 years of experience working with low back pain gives a very unique perspective to this program. However, not only are Josh and Jessica very well versed in the science of shoulder issues and dealign with REAL people with a wide variety of issues and challenges.