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2 Exercise Total Body Workout

Do challenging workouts have to obliterate you? If you have been looking around the internet the past few years at fitness, the answer would appear to be yes! However, you can have purpose, can build a more resilient body, and can get some pretty awesome results by training smart and hard.

IMG_9307 (1).jpg 

That is why we create all these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training videos for you. In order to show you how you can do some pretty incredible things simply and with both minimal space and equipment. Today’s post is right up that thought process. 

A great example is how we can build strength, endurance, and stability all within one DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout. One that builds you to the goal of being able to perform one of the best measure of all fitness qualities, our DVRT Clean and Press. 

Now most believe the best way to improve their strength and endurance is just practicing their chosen exercises over and over again. Yet, the nuances of any exercise is what needs to be practiced and trained. In the Clean and Press it is learning how to stabilize over head, push down into the ground when you press, use the lats to pull the weight down, and build great hip strength and stability. Wow! That does sound like a lot, but it can be simply done.

This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout reflects all those goals. The goal is to perform 

the following….

-30 Push Presses with March

-2 Lateral Rows to Clean to Front Loaded Up Downs per side

Two drills can do all that when they are carefully planned and thought of in training. Now, load does matter here, even though it may appear we de-emphasize it. The goal is to do the ENITRE workout with your Clean and Press weight and sized Ultimate Sandbag. If you don’t remember what that is check out the standards below….

Women Under 150: 40 pound Strength 

Women Over 150: 60 pound Strength

Men Under 170: 60 pound Strength

Men Between 171-210: 80 pound Burly

Men Over 210: 100 pound Burly

IMG_9317 (1).jpg 

Don’t be messy with your reps either, be focused on hitting perfect repetitions every time and place emphasis on the cues that I give you in today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training coaching video. 

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