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2 No Excuses Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

Seriously, I do love the science of training, but there is something else I have figured out over the years. Sometimes when something is really great you just need to shut the heck up! That is true of these two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebell workouts. 

I could tell you how awesome they are because they take you in true 3-D training, or how you combine important elements of strength and stability at once, or EVEN how these functional training workouts will test all aspects of your fitness like nothing else! 

Our NEW DVRT Ultimate Sandbag & Kettlebell Workout

3-5 Rounds

30 seconds of rest in between each drill

Perform as a circuit

Sprinter Stance Snatch to Rack Lunge x 6-8 per side

Shoulder Beast Get-ups x 5-6 per side

Rotational Thruster x 8-10 per side

Rear Step Cleans x 6-8 per side

Around the Worlds x 10-15 per side

Alright, I’ll shut up! Check out why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and our Progressive Kettlebell Movement concepts will change how you train forever! Also, don’t miss the LAST day to get our NEW Progressive Kettlebell Movement programs for a special price HERE


Enjoy this classic, but awesome workout series with progressions too!