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High Intensity Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag exercises

It is simple, most people train to get lean, whether it is to feel more confident, increase your health, or to perform better at your favorite sport, there are few people that don’t want to get a bit (or a lot) leaner. Coming from a family where being lean was far from common place, it would be easy to throw in the “genetics” card. While genetics can play a role in your fat loss, it is far from the determining factor.

That has been my own personal challenge for most of my life. Trying to find means in which to drop body fat and more importantly, how to stay there! There is no shortage of fat loss programs out there that share a lot of different ideas, but they can often fail because of two big reasons. The first being that they are not practical. They could require a ton of equipment, space, technique, time, money, heck, any combination of these reasons are a big cause of people falling short of those fat loss goals.

The second big obstacle is just not sure what to do! With all the information out there it can be overwhelming to decide which one is “right”! The truth is that people experience success for a bit of time, but unless they adhere to what science is showing us to work, results plateau!

sandbag training

That is why I think Ultimate Sandbag workouts are really the answer for a lot of people. It solves a lot of these problems and I want to share with you both why the research says so and plenty of real life examples.

More Intense Cardio Ultimate Sandbag Training

There is still a lot of people adhering to the idea of traditional “cardio”, working at lower intensities for a long duration to burn that body fat. The truth of the matter is higher intensity cardio is far more effective for fat burning.

A study performed by Tremblay et al(1), examined the difference of endurance training (ET) and high-intensity intermittent-training(HIIT). The endurance group performed their training for 20 weeks and burned an average of 120.4MJ per session. The HIIT group performed their program for 15 weeks with an average expenditure of 57.9MJ per session. In other words, the endurance group burned more energy during their training sessions. However, the result of body fat testing showed the HIIT group lost significantly more body fat. There has to be something happening to the body beyond simple caloric expenditure.

For a lot of people that means you have to perform activities such as sprinting, jump rope, or other forms for very intense exercise. If you are like me though, injuries, just don’t allow me to do what a lot of the experts would normally suggest. Ruin feet from sports, a neck fusion, and herniated low back discs from years ago, make the normal high intensity training pretty much impossible.

Don’t worry all is not lost! We have tested our Ultimate Sandbag workouts time and time again. We want to see what can actually be accomplished with Ultimate Sandbag workouts. The results are pretty amazing. We have seen calories burned in a range from .17 a second all the way .32. To put that in perspective, jump roping can burn 11 to 20 calories per minute which works to a close range to our Ultimate Sandbag Training. However, you don’t have to be already in shape to benefit or feel intimidated by the workouts.

sandbag training

Unlike all the other activities we have talked about (sprinting, jump rope, etc.), Ultimate Sandbag Training doesn’t just burn a ton of calories, but helps build mobility and core strength through many of the unique patterns and Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises.

Use More Muscles with Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

Bodybuilding has really confused a lot of people. Heck, this is most people’s first exposure to fitness and strength training. Unfortunately, the advice from a bodybuilder usually doesn’t translate well to most of us! Unless you are going to dedicate your life to fitness with six to seven days a week of hours of training, then probably bodybuilding training isn’t for you.

When people begin our Ultimate Sandbag Training they can be confused that we don’t spend a lot of time isolating individuals muscles. They get worried that if they don’t do their biceps curls or chest flyes they won’t get the same benefits. Well, here is the truth, if your goal is to be a bodybuilder, you might be a bit right. However, for most people that want to get really fit or perform well, you will find these Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts provide better results.

The main reason that Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises are so powerful is that you hit more muscles than you would with more traditional fitness equipment. There are a few ways that Ultimate Sandbag Training does this better than others…

More Range of Motion in Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises: Any time you can go through a full range of motion on an exercise, you are going to stimulate more of the muscles. However, for some people, exercises, such as squats, are hard to perform a full range of motion. Yet, Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises such as Bear Hug or Front Loaded Squats allow people to go deeper in the squat position without the usual discomfort in the low back or knees.

We know that exercises such as lunging and overhead presses work a lot of muscles, but with Ultimate Sandbag workouts these exercises are seen a bit differently. For one, because we can hold the Ultimate Sandbag in unique positions such as Shoulder, Front Loaded, etc., we can train more muscles of the upper body and core than your standard lunge. Exercises such as the Arc Press change upper body exercises from just upper body, to full body!

Unstable: Even if you just performed the standard gym exercises, Ultimate Sandbag workouts change all the dynamics of these exercises. Because no one repetition is the same with the Ultimate Sandbag, you have to use more muscles of the body to control and perform the exercise.

Of course, how do you put the pieces of this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training puzzle for an amazing metabolic resistance workout? Check out this DVRT workout by the one and only Coach Dos and see where fat loss and strength training can meet!