Re-Thinking Burpees with Ultimate Sandbag Training | sandbag workouts

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Almost thirteen years ago I got introduced to a odd ball strength coach! This guy was talking about doing all this movement oriented drills that reminded me of gym class. He had all this conditioning with odd objects and body weight drills combined with Olympic lifts and unusual strength training exercises. Honestly? I loved it!… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Exercises In The News!


Why Ultimate Sandbag Exercises are Big News! What you can do with Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Watch this video on YouTube. This week was pretty unusual, we knew this might be happening, but didn’t know it would occur all at once. It isn’t a secret that more and more people have been becoming aware of the… Read more »

Keeping Track of Your Ultimate Sandbag Training


Creating Ultimate Sandbag Training Programs Watch this video on YouTube. Our Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge Winner! The Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts will never stop!! One of the biggest challenges in Ultimate Sandbag Training programs is to figure out how to standardize the many options available in training. You see, if we were using dumbbells, barbells,… Read more »