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Re-Thinking Burpees with Ultimate Sandbag Training | sandbag workouts

Almost thirteen years ago I got introduced to a odd ball strength coach! This guy was talking about doing all this movement oriented drills that reminded me of gym class. He had all this conditioning with odd objects and body […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Training Power Like You’ve Never Seen!

When I first began training people it was something I didn’t really think about. Why would I even think about power training when I wanted to help people lose fat, build better looking muscles, and address the typical goals of […]

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Are Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Me?

A few years ago, renowned fitness coach, Alwyn Cosgrove came up to me and said, “Josh, you know what your problem is?!” Of course I have a laundry list of answers and please don’t ask Jessica to get started either! […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Game Changing Single Leg Exercises

Seeing their eyes get wide open means I am usually getting through to them. When I was talking to strength coaches from across the country this past weekend I talked about the fact that most of the time we HOPE […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness Challenge

In our last post I went a little bit some place different. I had two of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training master instructors share their ideas about training for adventure races. Why? Well, for one, they are becoming increasingly more […]

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