Crossfit, Good or Bad? Research Says?


What Does the Research Say on Crossfit Crossfit! I said it! The term in the fitness industry that probably gets more people than any four letter word. I am not going to pretend to be one of those people that say they get asked about Crossfit all the time, because I don’t. However, I know… Read more »

The BIG Challenge | sandbag training


Ultimate Sandbag Training Decade Workout Challenge Watch this video on YouTube. Last week I shared with you the beginnings of the Ultimate Sandbag Training “Decade” workout challenge. Did you try even the first part yet? Did you dare try the ten sets of descending sets with our Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press? If you… Read more »

Why The Ultimate Sandbag Training Challenge Is REAL

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Having a goal is one thing, being able to maintain motivation, focus, and sacrifice towards that goal is a completely different story! In goal-setting theory, there is a difference between long-term and short-term goals. Both are important for different reasons. Short-term goals keep us motivated and focused on the day to day actions that will… Read more »