Drowning In Sweat


The Ultimate Sandbag Training Series That Had Me Drenched!   I’ll be the first to admit I do take joy in seeing the t-shirt full of some hard earned sweat. While my goal is not to inflict pain or irrational fatigue on myself or my clients, however, the sweaty t-shirt does let us feel like… Read more »

The Toughest Sandbag Training Workout Yet!


Is Ultimate Sandbag Training Strength, Conditioning, Check Out Our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Workouts for MORE Training Ideas HERE Watch this video on YouTube. Athleticism or All? I often wonder if there is an implement and a training system that has more myths and misunderstandings around it than our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system? When… Read more »

25 Sandbag Training Burner Workout


Can a 25 Minute Ultimate Sandbag Training Workout Give You More Than an Hour of Typical Training? Watch this video on YouTube. Ultimate Sandbag Training is better with a group of friends! This past week I was very fortunate to be asked to write about the benefits of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for Women’s… Read more »

Sandbag Training and Body Weight Program


Incineration Ultimate Sandbag Training and Body weight Fitness Program There are those that may follow our blog posts and wonder why we appear to be so critical of the fitness industry. Is it that we are about negativity? The truth is that the criticism that I pose to the industry has more to do about wanting… Read more »

Natural Fitness Training


Natural Fitness Brought Back with Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs Watch this video on YouTube.  The modern gym is a rather new invention as evident by the drastic changes we have seen in just over 100 years. The idea of exercise as we see it today is something rather new as well. In the early years… Read more »

The Toughest Ultimate Sandbag Workout

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 Performing 50 repetitions of a workout may seem like a lot of work. However, for a single Ultimate Sandbag workout, it may not seem all that much. In fact, you are probably questioning the mere possibility of getting a “good” Ultimate Sandbag workout from only 50 repetitions. Well, this isn’t your typical Ultimate Sandbag workout…. Read more »

Not Another Fitness Certification | sandbag training


DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, Not Another Fitness Certification Watch this video on YouTube. Something I never wanted any DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training program to become! Certifications Stink! The fitness industry needs another certification like it needs another Zumba class. I understand why people in fitness roll their eyes when they hear about the idea of another fitness… Read more »