Why You Don’t Understand Sandbag Training


This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is Personal I get the old saying, “it isn’t personal, it is business”, but I can’t say I agree with it at all! If you create something, if you believe in something, if you want to change things, you have to make this personal. When people ask how I came… Read more »

How These Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Make You Crazy Strong

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My Friend Burly Ultimate Sandbag Exercises, You Bad, Bad, Barbell. by Troy Anderson I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. You may have heard of my friend. You may have even ‘shake’n’ his hand . You probably even have a  stereotype of who/what he is. He is NOT a ‘flashy’ person, as a matter of fact… Read more »

How to Get MORE Out of Your Fitness


DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs, Unleashing Your Athletic Potential Watch this video on YouTube. There is often a paradox with most fitness programs. Do I get stronger? Do I get leaner? Do I get more muscular? Do I become more athletic? For many, it seems like we are forcing ourselves to choose which of these… Read more »

DVRT Sports Ultimate Sandbag Training


DVRT Athletic Ultimate Sandbag Training Watch this video on YouTube. In the fitness industry there is a popular trend of training people like athletes. I think this is a well meaning ideal for people especially in light of the old popularity of bodybuilding. However, as much as I agree with the concepts many are trying… Read more »

DVRT Military Sandbag Training


Military Ultimate Sandbag Training   Watch this video on YouTube. Today’s post is inspired by the exciting opportunities we have working with various branches of the military. It is an honor to work with our armed services, not just providing them the best in training with the Ultimate Sandbag, but more importantly, education and programming…. Read more »

The Basic Exercise You Aren’t Doing!


The Basic Exercise You Can’t Do-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I think it has to do with when people get overwhelmed. It could be a bit of retaliation to the massive influx of ideas. Whatever the reason, people feel a certain level of comfort espousing cliches such as “just stick with the basics.” In many arenas… Read more »