Do You Know Squat?


My legs were shaking…. My abs felt like I had just completed a forever session of planks…. My upper back was more toasted than a hard “back workout”… I was working hard to calm down my breathing as it felt like I just did a maximal sprint. I had just completed the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag… Read more »

One Of The Fittest Guys Ever Said What?


It DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Worth It?   Some days I wonder, why?! Why would Jessica and I choose to run this small family owned business trying to take on the challenge of changing how people see fitness? After all, who are we to ask so much of people? Then it could be something small,… Read more »

The Mega Squat Challenge


Sometimes I feel like people can’t figure it out. Do they want to be really strong or really well conditioned. If you ask them, they would probably tell you both. The problem is if people are thinking about elite strength or conditioning, you can’t have it both! However, for most of us, having powerful levels… Read more »

The 15 Ultimate Sandbag Complex


The Unstable Nature of Fitness- DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs Save 25% and Get Our DVRT Foundations Download for FREE when you use coupon code “fans” till Monday HERE!   It is one thing to have fast workouts, it is another to make sure they actually mean something!  Nowadays people are doing plenty of “stuff”,… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Training For Better Cardio

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If I ask people, “how do you measure if someone is in shape?” Most of the answers are going to revolve around “conditioning”, “endurance”, or the infamous, “cardio” concept. Interesting that most people still probably default to these ideas when it comes to fitness in real life. Yet, most fail to realize that the debate… Read more »

The Worst Workout Ever!


The Worst Workout Ever!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs Easter Sunday was a bit odd for us. Unfortunately a really good friend of ours had her father go into an emergency procedure. That meant we were on high alert, in case our friends needed anything we wanted to be able to be there for them. We… Read more »

What Do YOU Stand For?


Can Fitness Stand for Something More?-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Help Us Raise Money For The Arizona Humane Society By Just Clicking “LIKE” On Our Post With Ms. Olive, No Money Needed to Be Donated! There is a point where you have to make that decision. It isn’t an easy one, you have to look in… Read more »

The REAL 7 Minute Abs Program


There are certain movies that you can quote in a generation that almost everyone seems to know. “So, you are saying there is a chance!” is of course a classic from Dumb and Dumber. Another personal favorite of mine though is from the movie “Something About Mary”. Of course this classic has more than a few great… Read more »

Fitness Beyond the Gym


We THINK fitness is reflected in just what we do in the gym. However, in 20 years of working with a lot of different people, strength, endurance, flexibility, is usually related to what people want to do OUTSIDE of the gym! That is why in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we combine strength with movement. Most… Read more »

Our Strength Has Failed Us!


Why change? Why do anything different? Isn’t the “good ole movements” what we should focus upon? Do what has always been done? I hate to tell you, it is a giant lie! The truth is we use to be on the right path, we use to have the right idea, but then marketing, ego, and… Read more »