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Ultimate Sandbag Training for Group Fitness

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training In the Scope of Group Personal Training  by DVRT Master Instructor, Daniel Jackowicz (Two Guns Training Systems) “I always loved the individualization, progression and depth of writing client’s customized programs. The depth and the individualization you […]

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Evil Cousin Ultimate Sandbag Workout

That was fun! I love making people think, look at things slightly differently, maybe even re-evaluate what they thought the concrete “truths” to be for real. The article I wrote “the evil cousins of the kettlebell swing” was such an […]

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What Should I Do?

When people think about a fitness program they may think of ideas like “getting stronger”, “more fit”, “get in better shape”. While these all are positive goals, they are somewhat problematic. They are non-specific, usually leading people to train in […]

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Truly An Ultimate Gym

It is definitely a love/hate relationship I have with this comment.   Josh will usually come up the stairs to my office, he has kind of a devilish look on his face.  I know what is coming, it has happened […]

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How to REALLY Progress Your Workouts

It is probably the very BEST part of what I do. Sharing with people what and why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the most comprehensive fitness system around. Last time I shared with you three really unique reasons to use […]

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6 Unsung Benefits of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

6 Unsung Differences Between Ultimate Sandbag Training and Well, Everything Else! Yea, it is different, it is this bag thing full of sand. Of course it is different! Unfortunately, most people do see that the Ultimate Sandbag looks different than […]

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