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The Most Important Fitness Question

The Most Important Question Let’s face it, most of us are afraid to ask questions. Especially nowadays because social media makes us feel even more inept. I actually admire those that ask questions because it means they are actually thinking […]

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Make Your Workouts INSTANTLY Better

Believe it or not, I do really like it when you guys write in with thoughtful questions. Like when I was sent this great one from Todd M…. “Hey Josh,  I really love what you guys are doing with DVRT […]

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What Experts Say About Strength

It started off as just something we would say in passing and now has really become a true mantra of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.    “Strength isn’t just what you lift, but what you resist!”    This simple idea […]

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Building Legendary Strength

  Legends:  FarmStrong   Troy Anderson, DVRT Master (Alpha Kettlebell)   One of the greatest legends of farm strong is that of Milo of Croton and lifting his steer everyday until he   becomes a full grown bull. If only it were that […]

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10 Exercises Better Than Deadlifts

The Time to Save 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Gear is Ending Soon with Coupon Code “dvrt25” HERE I can’t thank you all enough for the extremely kind well wishes so many of you sent me when I announced […]

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