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10 Advanced Core Exercises

Advanced Core Training   I’ve been super motivated recently by two things. For one, I just got cleared for physical therapy (oh poor Jessica) which means I am planning on both how I will come back from my surgeries as […]

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The Key to Real World Strength

The Key to Real World Strength   Today’s video was inspired by the Farm Strong environment  Even more so by the act of ‘doing work’ aka work capacity which is held in high regard here on the farm and yet seem to allude almost all […]

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What About the Deadlift

What About the Deadlift?   There are two things that I can always respect and actually typically enjoy. One is honesty, the other are people asking the REAL questions. What do I mean by the “real” questions? So many times […]

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Goofy Ass Exercises

Goofy Ass Exercises How do you NOT love this quote if you have been in fitness in any length of time. Even if you just love fitness as a hobby, it is nuts! What do you do? Should you do […]

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No Apology Workout

No Apologies At All   When life turns itself upside down you learn A LOT! I know many of you have followed our challenge with Josh’s month in the hospital, maybe too much:) That in itself would definitely have me […]

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