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What Strong Women REALLY Look Like

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training: Breast Cancer Charity Event by  DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe (Fit N’ Chips)   I am pretty sure you have seen the pink sandbags all over my social media posts, it is definitely my favorite Ultimate Sandbag, […]

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A Fitness Competition with Cause

One way to help us give back is to use coupon code “strength” and not only raise money for single mothers with cancer, but save 20% HERE     If you haven’t been following us, you might have missed that […]

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The Smartest Core Exercise

October is almost over, help us help those in need. Save 20% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gear and we will donate a percentage to the Singleton Mom’s Foundation to help single mothers with cancer. Use coupon code “strength” HERE […]

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Are There Excuses

Are There Excuses?   It is one of the greatest things fitness loves to say, “NO EXCUSES!!!!” I’ve always had a bit of a problem with this concept. Most notably that I haven’t walked a mile in many people’s shoes.  […]

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