This Exercise Breaks ALL The Rules!


Time to save 25% on DVRT Workouts and Gear is Almost Gone! Only a Few Days Left to Save with Coupon Code “holiday” HERE   Troy Anderson, DVRT Master (Alpha Snatch Creator)   Today’s piece bought to you by ‘bad’ and necessity. First let’s start with the bad part. Here in old youtube land it is free to see a… Read more »

Christmas Strong Workout


This week I received an email from Shelly (as I affectionately call her) declaring, in horror, that she has a Christmas function coming up, and may have to wear SPANX to fit into that LBD (little black dress for those not in the know!) and was there anything that I could suggest she do to… Read more »

Stronger Low Back and Knees


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Building the Kettlebell Turkish Get-up


We are getting close to the end of the holiday season! Don’t miss your chance to save 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training with coupon code “holiday” HERE   I remember like it was yesterday, even though it was almost 14 years ago now! I had gotten this kettlebell book, heck, I was unsure if… Read more »

Vikings and Ninjas


Don’t Miss The Holiday Savings with 25% Off DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Gear & Workouts with Coupon Code “holiday” HERE   Are you a Viking or a Ninja?  Weird question right?  If you look at how most people train and they usually fall into one of the two categories. What do I mean?  For decades great… Read more »

Why Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Training Rules!


I never was really into it, weight training wasn’t my thing.  I grew up playing a lot of different sports, track, volleyball, tennis, golf, and of course my love, swimming.  Never was weight training a big thing I did, so much of my time was devoted to training in my sport that we did A… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Give the Perfect Warm-up

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This past weekend was another awesome opportunity for us to show a variety of health professionals the power of Ultimate Sandbag exercises. We had fitness professionals, athletic trainers, and massage therapists all in the house to learn one thing….how Ultimate Sandbag exercises can dramatically transform how their clients feel AND perform! One of the things… Read more »

How Them Glutes?!


The Holidays Are Just About Here! Don’t Miss Saving 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Gear and Workouts with Coupon Code “holiday” HERE   We are running full steam ahead with DEADcember and hope you are loving all the information we have been sharing with you and getting a VERY different thought on what the… Read more »

Power Deadcember Workout


  Hopefully you are starting to see a theme with our Deadcember workouts. That is the best way to sometimes improve an exercise is not to just work on the exercise itself, but to build qualities of the body that make up the exercise. In our previous post (you can read HERE) we discussed why… Read more »

Back to the Future Workout


“Deadcember Workout”   It is definitely a love/hate relationship.    I did it for many years so it isn’t as though I don’t have a lot of time spent with it.    The deadlift, the exercise that can build or destroy you all at the same time.    Some people will try to sell you… Read more »