A True Superhero Challenge Workout


Batman V Superman   Prepping for our annual Easter camping trip I was walking through the supermarket loading up with supplies.  Whilst walking down the snacks isle I came across a packet of Doritos chips that had a promotion for the launch of the new Batman V Superman movie now running in Australia.   Don’t worry, I… Read more »

Secret to Increasing Your Running Strength


  DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese (FitFoodieMama) The freshly laid turf was calling my name and wanted me to come play yesterday so I decided to break in the studio with an unofficial solo workout.   You might assume that since the studio is focused on offering strength training programs to runners that my workout consisted… Read more »

Evolution of Functional Fitness


Is it really FUNCTIONAL?! Functional training…… the latest trend in the fitness industry.  Using tools or pieces of equipment to create functional movements for real world strength……..  BUT is it really functional or just another COOL movement?! The last 5 years I have really seen our business transform with a greater understanding of what functional training really… Read more »

The Best Moving Plank


It is simple, it is popular, it works, but do we know the whole story?!  That’s right, I am talking about loaded carries. The simple action of carrying weight a variety of ways has gone from odd strongman challenge to popping up in just about every fitness magazines as a means of improving core strength… Read more »

3 Ways Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Helps Bad Shoulders

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This past weekend was another fantastic first. It was my first time I got to present at the Perform 1-Day conference in Fairlawn, New Jersey. I was along side some industry greats like Coach Dos, Gray Cook, and Brandon Marcello (former strength coach of Stanford and EXOS). Hard to believe the “sandbag guy” was right… Read more »

The Most Surprising Core Exercise


  Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist Earlier this week I wrote about how training can and SHOULD be both highly effective AND safe. While that might not sound like the cool and “sexy” thing to do, the reality is this type of thinking opens the door to a whole bunch of really great movements.  For example,… Read more »

You Need To Be Strong HERE


It probably doesn’t sound overly sexy, “lateral strength”. After all, I don’t think anyone has ever walked up to you in a gym, beach, or wherever and said, “psss, hey, what is your lateral strength like?!”  As “not made for social media” as a concept comes, lateral strength might be THE most important thing you… Read more »

The Smarter Way to Squat


Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   There has been a really cool recent movement to make physical therapy and fitness not just work together, but to have a seamless bridge. After all, it should make sense, the goal of both SHOULD be to move better! If we can agree this should be the goal, then we… Read more »

My New Favorite Exercise


  Believe it or not, I am not really big on new exercises. No, seriously!!! In fact, I have told our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Master Instructors that we don’t need more exercises, we need better solutions. So, if we do anything new it isn’t because we are bored, or happen to be looking through… Read more »

The Smarter Fitness Program


The Smarter Way to See DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs Watch this video on YouTube. I wasn’t planning on writing this topic for our blog today. I had a whole different concept in mind, but then I got into a really interesting discussion with a colleague of mine that writes for a major fitness magazine…. Read more »