Bridging the Gap of Core Training


Raymond Lee, DVRT Master (Uprise Training) As many of us here may have noticed, recently there were a lot of topics related to core strength. Its not just because we wanted market that ‘Ultimate Sandbags can make you a good-looking six pack abs’ but to really send the message of the importance of core strength… Read more »

How to Train Like A Jedi


I wrote the other day how sometimes the inspiration for our blogs comes from things we see in real life, well kinda real life. Yesterday it was trending on social media actress, Daisy Ridley, practicing her light saber skills for next year’s Star Wars movie. As a kid that grew up heavily with Star Wars… Read more »

Should You Use Corrective Exercise


Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist It is a rather polarizing concept. Corrective exercise, for some they have never heard of it, others they think it is an over blown idea. That begs the question, is corrective exercise something you should know and use?!  Being a physical therapist you think I would immediately say YES! After all,… Read more »

A Secret the Pros Should Use In Workouts


People often like to give me a good ribbing in how many blog posts we put out in a week. I like to believe they are all content rich, but at least we try:) It can be challenging to think of good topics to discuss, but today’s post wrote itself in light of some interesting… Read more »

Metabolic Monday Workout


Troy Anderson (Alpha Kettlebell) Today’s WOD comes out of the essence of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Moreover, how many true craftsmen/women are involved in the DVRT ‘Movement’. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is worldwide, yet still VERY hometown. There are excellent Master Instructors tucked in to obscure niches and big cities alike. Most of the really good ones are NOT shouting from the roof… Read more »

5 Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercises You NEED To Be Using

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist I was pretty grateful for the response of our new “DVRT Better Backs, Knees, & Shoulders” program. It was my first DVRT program showing how powerful our Ultimate Sandbag exercises could be in not just getting you more fit, but feeling better too! Yet, I knew some people needed a bit… Read more »

Glute Training Like You Never Knew!


Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   When in doubt, blame the glutes, right?! Seems like the glutes pick up where “core training” left off as far as being the trendy new muscle to blame for all our fitness and movement woes.  I make the comparison of glutes to the core because they have a lot in… Read more »

The Best Anti-Aging Fitness Program


This past year it has become even more important to me. Sure, lots of people talk about it, we say it is important, but how many believe it is THE most important thing? I’m talking about that all elusive, vague term, movement. Something we can’t really define, but at the same time the ONE thing… Read more »