Foundation Strong Workout


One of the best parts running our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training education programs is the people we get to meet. Sometimes we don’t REALLy get to know people until even AFTER the program. Then you find out how really amazing many of these fitness professionals are in their own right! A great example was a… Read more »

Is It Rehab or Fitness?


Jessia Bento, Physical Therapist Is it rehab or is it fitness? A good system of functional strength training may make it hard to tell if an exercise is either one! The truth is that the smart fitness programs use principles and progressions to make an exercise fit into the category of rehab or fitness.  Even… Read more »

The Behavior of Fitness


One of the best parts of doing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the incredible people we get to meet! Having been fortunate enough to be apart of top fitness facilities in over 13 countries, we get to work with people that doing some pretty cool things in fitness. We thought to ourselves, “how come we… Read more »

Warrior Strong Workouts


Last Hours to Save 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbags, Workout Programs, & Online Certification with Coupon Code “MEMORIAL” HERE   Memorial Day does have a special feeling for us. Our special relationship with police and fire departments along with our work with several branches of the US military has given us a special respect and… Read more »

The Secret to Unlocking Strength


  SET UP FOR SUCCESS! By Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner Master DVRT, Master RKC, MFF Coach and OS Lead Instructor Do you suffer with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Cleans, High Pulls or Snatches? Do you look at your hands or shoulders and wonder why they are sore or you have little bruises? Let’s face it, that… Read more »

Finally Touched My Toes!


Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   Finally touched his toes!    That may not sound like a big deal, but when your 70 year old client does it for the FIRST time in their life, it is pretty cool. That isn’t the best part to the story that DVRT Master, Chad Skrederstu, shared with us about his… Read more »

Revolution of the Fitness Industry


For over a decade you have heard myself and Jessica speak about the power of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. As our DVRT family continues to grow I thought highlighting how other fitness professionals have found DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be a game changer will help you see the amazing ways you can apply the… Read more »

Improve Your Running with This Workout


Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (The Fit Foodie Mama) Hills.  Just the mention of the word to runners can make them run screaming …for the well, flatlands.  For whatever reason hills are most runners number one enemy.  Flat courses are preferred for a PR and training routes are often mapped out to avoid them.   I… Read more »

Why You Do The Get-up Wrong


You don’t have to look hard to see this really weird looking exercise popping up everywhere. It is in major fitness magazines, tons of Youtube clips, and supposedly solves every fitness problem under the sun. What is it? Oh, I forgot to mention it has a really weird name….the Turkish Get-up.  I first learned of… Read more »

It Is All In The Feet Ultimate Sandbag Training

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By Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, DVRT Master Honestly, this may be the most boring and/or beneficial article you read regarding DVRT Ultimate Sandbag training. It’s about your FEET! Read on if you dare (or have a foot fetish).  DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a system with an intelligent and progressive series of movements and exercises… Read more »