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The Modern Strongman

They often say you are you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. With time being a premium nowadays, I choose to be around really good people and coaches. People I can learn as […]

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Strength Training for Over 50

Joe Chalakee, DVRT Master We are about half way into the New Year already and I wanted to get back into shape. It reminds me of a joke I would use with clients that would tell me they wanted to […]

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The Secret to Upper Body Strength!

You may not believe it, but I’m actually a big fan of simple things. What is the EASIEST strategy to get someone stronger, more fit, and healthier. Seems like a good idea right?  Ironically, while some may believe DVRT Ultimate […]

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3 MUST Use Exercises

Wow! What a fantastic experience we just had in Orlando presenting at the Perform Better Summit! Not only did we just have a killer group of people, but we saw some massive transformations! We only speak for 75 minutes, but […]

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