Why Single Leg Exercises Suck!


They have to, don’t they? I mean if they didn’t suck we would see them be FAR more important in people’s workouts and we would see way MORE of them IN people’s workouts. Yea, I am talking about single leg exercises. If they were as great as people talk about then WHY are they not… Read more »

The Best Core & Hip Mobility Exercise

Foundational Programs.

Man, 2017 is coming faaaasssst! We aren’t slowing down here at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training though. I wish we had little helpers to nail out some of the remaining projects, but our top DVRT staff is definitely on it as you can see! Even though it would be easy to let the blogs fall off… Read more »

The REAL Secret to Fat Loss


I know, it sounds like that horrible infomercial at 3 in the morning. You probably are waiting for me to either talk about the cheesy Dr. OZ supplement or trick you into something you already know. Hopefully this blog will be NEITHER! I wanted to talk about fat loss because it is coming fast on… Read more »

We Have Strength ALL Wrong!


I hope you are more than recovering from the holidays! At our house we believe having fun and a great sense of humor makes everything better!!! We have had a pretty eclectic group of people over and thought celebrating the well respected holiday of Festivus was in order! It probably won’t surprise you to hear… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Exercises Are Life!

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“Life lives in the transverse plane” has been a saying I’ve been seeing a lot lately. It is actually a good shift from only thinking that we live, move, and train up and down. The transverse plane can be simply thought of as rotation. If you think about any time we produce power…punching, kicking, swinging,… Read more »

10 Core Training Mistakes!


We talk A LOT about the core here, for good reason. It is a REALLY important concept to understand. Sure, some will snicker or roll their eyes, but after going through a few spinal surgeries I can personally vouch for how impactful your core is for just about everything. Unfortunately, we still think have A… Read more »

I Don’t Strength Train Anymore


Don’t miss saving 25% on DVRT Workouts and Education with coupon code “holiday” HERE for a VERY limited time! It actually surprised me to hear! The head of a rather big fitness website told me she no longer strength trains!! Now, before you condemn her or think she is becoming a “cardio queen”, I actually… Read more »

Why These Exercises Unleash Your Strength


This past Friday we had another pretty darn cool opportunity for DVRT. We were asked by the very popular Equinox gyms to do an introduction to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for some of their top trainers. Anytime we get to share the real essence of DVRT with others we get pretty pumped, but when we… Read more »