Best Sandbag Exercises for Bad Shoulders

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (DVRT Bette Backs, Knees, & Shoulders and DVRT Women’s Program Creator)   Why do we keep talking about it? How to prevent injuries! Believe it or not it has little to do with me being a physical therapist, but something I hear time and time again from fitness professionals. It seems… Read more »

Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Over 40!

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DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe (Creator of DVRT Over 40 Strong) Strength = Empowerment One of the reason I am such a proponent of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness the impact it has had on me personally. When you break down how being strong can impact one’s daily life there is no question that being real world… Read more »

5 MOST Important Exercises For Women’s Fitness

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT For Women’s Program HERE)   I thought it was important earlier this week to establish why men and women are different. That women don’t have to feel compelled to follow the workout programs that guys like just because we are suppose to be “strong” too. We are suppose… Read more »

What Women’s Fitness REALLY Should Be!

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  Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist When Josh asked me this weekend to write about women’s fitness I asked him, “what is it you want me to write about?” That caused a whole discussion because when he told me, “write about what women REALLY need in their fitness programs” I laughed. For one, women aren’t aliens…. Read more »

2 Keys for Real World Strength

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It is something that I know people wonder about with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Is there anything really THAT unique about the movements?! There is, but only on one condition. You have the right intent with what you are trying to accomplish with Ultimate Sandbag exercises. As I was being interviewed on a podcast yesterday,… Read more »

Core Strength Beyond the Plank

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If you don’t think core strength training is really important then you are probably one of the VERY few that has never had low back problems or continues to make progress in their training without any aches and pains. You guys do exist, you may seem like unicorns, but you are out there. For you… Read more »

Never Hurt Your Back Exercises!

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How DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Fitness Exercises Save Your Low Back! I have to tell you, I kinda laughed yesterday. It wasn’t a laugh because something was funny, but it was so frustrating that I had to laugh! Have you ever had that happen? When you have tried to help people in a better way and… Read more »

Training for Life DVRT Sled Training

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Whenever you do something unexpected it can definitely raise some eyebrows and even more so, bring up A LOT of questions! To be honest, I knew when we released the new ARES sled that were going to really do both. However, I was more than happy to answer all the questions as what we were… Read more »