Get Your Mojo Back After 40!

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  DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe, (DVRT Over 40 Creator)  Have you lost your MOJO? Why does this happen as we age? Remember the days in your 20’s? Too much energy. Not many responsibilities. Endless time in your days. Do they seem like a distant memory to you now right? I know a lot of my… Read more »

Stronger Glutes, Better Deadlifts, and Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

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How does having stronger glutes and deadlifts relate to Ultimate Sandbag exercises? DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, has an awesome way of relating the real world to functional fitness! Hopefully, we aren’t quite to a place in history where the name Evel Knievel, means nothing. Although I fear that we are fast  approaching that place in… Read more »