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Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Exercises

  When it comes to real life fitness training we are doing better, but we are still missing a big part of what functional fitness is all about. While our discussions of using the core, glutes, hip hinges, pulling/pushing is […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Training Smarter Planks!

Let’s get this out of the way…Are planks good for you? Absolutely!  They teach you how to brace your core, how to engage the ground, and how to connect the entire body in one unit. Where people go wrong with […]

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Bad Hips? Try THESE Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

  Someone asked me recently, “what keeps you motivated to write almost EVERY single day?” Honestly, it is trying to help people that feel like there is no help. There is nothing worse than living in pain, discomfort, and feeling […]

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