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The Most Unusual Shoulder Mobility Exercise

Many people probably wonder why we go about training so differently? The funny part is I think the question is “why don’t people try to train the body as it is designed more often?” If you look at the history […]

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Stop Squeezing Your Butt, Start Grabbing the Ground for Better Knees!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration, DVRT Shoulder Course, DVRT Pelvic Control Course) So yea! I am the worst patient ever, Josh will attest to that too (it doesn’t help when he has literally come out of neck surgery […]

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Not All Squats Are Equal!

I have worked out since I was 14, that’s over 30 years of doing tons of different programs, variations of movements, training tools, and just about everything there is to do with working out. Trust me, there have been more […]

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Most Important Upper Body Exercise DVRT Rotational Presses

In today’s fitness landscape such lofty titles probably make one a bit skeptical. Is this just click bait? Let me rest assure you, it’s not! What I wanted to cover was not just an exercise that I love, but I […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for the Most Important Fitness Journey

No fitness goal is a bad one. Whether it is dropping body fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, more mobile, they are all great. They all improve one’s life in one form or another, but you should know in DVRT we […]

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3 Tips to More Successful Workouts

  We always strive to be a resource for our DVRT community. Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up with all the different outlets that people have to communicate nowadays, but we are always looking for better strategies. […]

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