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The Best Functional Fitness You Aren’t Doing!

I’m actually really relieved! Believe it or not, I was holding my breathe quite a bit when we released our new L.I.F.T. (Loaded Integrated Functional Training) modules. Concepts like gait and programming are concepts people say are important, but when […]

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Should We Lift Weights Anymore?

Fitness is an extremely cyclical industry. Stick around long enough and you will see trends come full circle. Sometimes it is because we have a better understanding than we had before of a concept, others it is the nature of […]

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Are You Ready for Loaded Carries?

Save 25% ALL Throughout DVRT With Code “summersale” HERE. Any Purchase Of An Ultimate Sandbag Comes With Our NEW Beginner & Warm-up Programs. Check Out Our New Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Programs For 25% Off HERE! It seems so obvious, yet, […]

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Smarter Mobility Training

As I am still on a bit of a high from this weekend’s last Perform Better Summit of the year, I am excited to share so many of the ideas that make these conferences so important for our industry. After […]

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