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What Being A Real DVRT Superhero Means

Cam Ward, DVRT Master Australia (Check Out HERE) This got me thinking as I prepare for our upcoming DVRT certifications in Australia.  Our previous workshop at Hustle Fitness Sydney, I broke the ice with “Introduce yourself and tell us who […]

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Better Core Training & Stronger Shoulders with Mobile Hips

After 15 years of teaching DVRT I am honestly surprised that I still have the same passion as I did when we started. The passion in some ways is quite different. In the beginning I think just the newness of […]

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Stop Guessing About Your Fitness

  This past summer was a phenomenal time for me in that I got to present at so many great conferences. These are tremendous opportunities not to just share what DVRT is about with more people, but to connect with […]

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True Foundations of Functional Fitness!

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master (Creator of DVRT Movement Strength) Whew! Coming straight off the DVRT master trainer summit and my mind is just whirling around from the whole experience! I’m feeling a little punch drunk from all of the information […]

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