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3 Awesome Workouts Combining Ultimate Sandbags & Kettlebells

If there are two tools that seemed like they were naturally made to be used together it may be kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags. It isn’t because they are “hardcore,” it isn’t because they are easy to transport, or even relatively […]

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It Isn’t Core Strength Isn’t As Important In Core Training

Now that power is a far more popular even in general fitness training than when I started in the fitness industry 25 years ago (when it was almost never discussed) we can can see people sharing all sorts of posts […]

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The Most Important Strength Training Movement Many Get Wrong!

Asking the right questions is rather important in order to get to the answers that really make a difference to your strength training. It can be frustrating for some because what may seem like an easy strength training question could […]

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3 Better Muscle Building Workouts

Last week I felt very honored, I was asked to be interviewed for 3 different podcasts. I always love sharing what we do in DVRT and why it is very unique and incredibly effective. In all three interviews I was […]

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How To Help This Common Core Problem

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT Restoration, DVRT Rx Healthy Knees, Shoulders, & Pelvic Control Courses)  I posed a question the other day on the good old Instagram asking what topic people had the most questions on. Surprisingly there […]

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