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How to Build Healthy Shoulders & A Strong Core

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master, (creator of DVRT Movement Strength, also instructing upcoming Chicago Level 1 & 2 Certifications HERE) Pressing in any form can cause a coach to have some caution in the back of their head. Isn’t pressing where […]

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Better Group Fitness Progressions

The truth is we have probably all done it at some point, I know I did! When I first tried my hand at group fitness coaching I had everyone doing the same exercise. For most of us, this is how […]

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Fixing Group Fitness Training

When I began coaching in the fitness industry 25 years ago, the idea of group fitness was something that was generally looked down upon. The majority of coaches believed that if you really wanted to get someone results, you needed […]

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Why THIS Is Terrible Mobility Training

  Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist, Education Director for DVRT (Creator of Restoration Certification, Pelvic Control, Knee, and Shoulder Courses) There is just something so ingrained in fitness no matter what aspect we are talking about that the more extreme and […]

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