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3 Better Ways to Intensify Your Hit Workouts

Go faster!

Go heavier!


Isn’t that the way we make our high intensity programs better? Of course those variables COULD work, but I don’t think they work the best. Why? When you combine high levels of fatigue and effort with trying to go that bit more “extra” we see people fall apart…FAST!

It can be hard to judge HOW much heavier, faster to go too. There are other options, there are BETTER options.

Change Plane of Motion

When we move in life, we move in three planes of motion. When we lift in the gym, 99.9% of the time we JUST move up and down. It is easy to hide in what we call the sagittal plane. We hide our movement compensations, our flexibility problems, our lack of stability, in other words, we build gym, not real world strength.

One of the best ways to correct these issues is to build functional training strength in all three planes of motion. How? Check out how we can manipulate planes of motion, starting from the easiest moving to the most challenging.

When we are LEARNING a movement we want to learn from stable to unstable, when we workout though we want to go unstable to stable. HIT workouts can change intensity workout to workout…

Workout 1: Sagittal Cleans

Workout 2: Frontal Cleans

Workout 3: Transverse Cleans

We can also use this idea from week to week.

Change the Load Position

We often overlook the easiest ways to progress our workouts because too many of us are still stuck on basing things off of the barbell. I wrote a very popular workout on why this is flawed HERE, but one of the BIG reasons is we miss highly effective ways of progressing our functional training workouts.

The most overlooked is changing load position. Most of our fitness tools can do this, but the barbell is pretty limited. Doing so changes the stress on our core strength, mobility, and stability. Pretty important things in getting real world strong.

How can you do this pretty easily? Check out how using our Progressive Kettlebell Movement and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training ideas open the door for some really fun, effective, and smart training.

Change Body Position

A classic DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concept that is really rooted in bodyweight exercises. We use the idea of manipulating our body leverage with bodyweight training all the time. For some reason though, when it comes to external load training we don’t think it has value. Why is that?

Similar to load position, body position exposes our true needs in our fitness. Meaning, not just making your workouts harder, but addressing your needs in moving and performing better. Isn’t that a nice change?

See how we can do it below.

You see, we have so many great ways to train if we open our minds. If we break the shackles that so many people put upon our training. It isn’t JUST we have more variety or even fun, we get better results!

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