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3 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workouts To Improve Functional Fitness

ultimate sandbag training

People often wonder if we only do DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts in our training and when we consult other programs. We sometimes do if what we are trying to do and the environment makes doing so the best option, but very often we combine training tools to create awesome not just Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but functional fitness overall. I’ve taught our DVRT functional fitness concepts all over the world and it has always been about how we use the RIGHT tool for the goals of the exercise, workout, and individual. So, I wanted to give you 3 workouts from some awesome coaches that show how we can smartly employ different tools not just for variety, but because it provides us better solutions!

sandbag workoutssandbag workoutssandbag workoutssandbag workouts

Whether the best industry conferences, celebrities, top training centers, we teach people about better solutions for functional fitness, not just random “sandbag workouts”

Workout 1


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Coach Cari Satre does a great job showing not just using different tools, but using them in ways that fulfill our concepts of progressive overload and better functional fitness.

Workout 2


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Coach Cory Cripe shows how we can integrate a wide array of training tools to achieve different aspects of functional fitness. These aren’t randomly done, but chosen to have each exercise provide something very unique. 

Workout 3

Coach Peretz Scheinerman shows one of our favorite ways to be highly time efficient and train everything in one series. Our DVRT flows have many different levels, but this one combines some of the best elements and allows us to see how much balance in our functional fitness we can achieve.

These workouts are great examples of how we just don’t choose to teach Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but how to achieve better results from their training!

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