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3 Great Home Workouts

I entitled today’s post 3 great home workouts, but these workouts can be done outside and shockingly even at the gym. The reason that I went with at home workouts was because these 3 DVRT sessions really highlight how much we can do with minimal equipment! Since so many people are looking how to accomplish their fitness goals with less they are use to, I thought we would show how that is no sacrifice at all.

home gym

Trust me, I use to be the same way! My training facilities were often WAY over stocked with every piece of functional fitness equipment you could imagine. As you can see my below, there was little that I did NOT have at my gym.  Like so many, I thought the more stuff I had made my gym better, but to be honest it just made it more cluttered. Now as a more mature coach I realize it is your knowledge of how to optimize the right tools than just how much equipment you own. That is what these home workouts are about.

home workouts

As with most of our DVRT workouts, these home workouts are all full body based. That means we leave no muscle untrained and get to build other important qualities like mobility and stability at the same time. The first workout that physical therapist, Jessica Bento shows is a great illustration of this!

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Since so many people are obviously trying to do home workouts, it can seem difficult to have a lot of options with minimal equipment. However, as @joshhenkindvrt and I have been saying, it is almost as though our #DVRT system is the perfect solution for so many people. That is because we have always been about giving people the ability to do more with less. Not because we are minimalists, but because when we don’t rely on just going heavier or trying to do more, we start to realize how much more there is to functional training! ______________ In an effort to help our community out, we wanted to show you with just one Ultimate Sandbag and one mini band. See how we can train the entire body in a smart way and develop strength, stability, mobility, and fitness all at once. Try the following with a Power Ultimate Sandbag and @perform_better mini band. Don’t forget we are still giving 30% off our Ultimate Sandbags with code “save30” ➡️ You can find the 🔗 in my BIO. -Lateral Band Walk with Arc Press x 6-8 per side -Plank Mini Band Walks x 10-12 per side -Lateral Clean to Drop Front Loaded Lunge Right x 8-10 -Around the World Right x 10-12 -Lateral Clean to Drop Front Loaded Lunge Left x 8-10 -Around the World Left x 10-12 -Rotational Cross Body Rows x 30 seconds Try 3-5 Rounds

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When we focus on movement patterns instead of just muscles, when we combine different elements of strength and stability at once, we gain home workouts that are so much more effective. The funny thing is workouts like I show below don’t have to be only appropriate when tools and space may be limited, instead, they should show us that we often underestimate what our tools can offer because we are look for variety in the tool and not the use of the tool to make progress.

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As time goes on and people are doing their best to find motivation, we really hope that posts like today’s can keep people going the right direction with their home workouts. Not to just build a better body, but the positive habit of exercise can help relieve stress, frustration, and allow us to not fall into negativity. The goal of this post was to show you how easy it is to find purposeful variety in your training with simple and a small amount of equipment. Small changes to a movement can open up a much bigger world of training. Try this series with our Ultimate Sandbag and @perform_better bands. ______________ -Off-Set Sprinter Bent Row x 6-8 per side -Sprinter Stance Fist Loaded Squat x 8-10 per side -Push Press x 8-12 -Rear Step Front Loaded Good Morning x 10-12 per side -Plank Up ISO Pull x 4-6 3-5 rounds ➡️We are still offering our 3 DVRT workout programs for home training for FREE and 30% off all throughout our DVRT side with code “save30”. Go to my BIO for the 🔗

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These at home workouts are very easy to adjust to your own fitness level just by changing the stance or holding position of the Ultimate Sandbag. When people ask us how we change the weight of the USB during the workout they are surprised to hear that we don’t. That is because we have way better options that are more practical and effective. Sharing workouts like these are meant to open you to what can be achieved with less. You don’t have to want to be a minimalist to find such training exciting, you just have to really have an interest in results. This doesn’t mean we can’t have variety, quite the contrary. When you see how many options tools like the Ultimate Sandbag offer you will see that there is so much you purposeful variety you can have in your training! We hope these home workouts inspire the same interest in learning how to achieve so much more which is what motivates us with DVRT every week to share posts like these!

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It is like @jessbento_physiotherapist and I are having a bit of a competition today. She is using two tools in our Ultimate Sandbag and mini bands while I am showing what can be accomplished with a single USB! Who likes a showoff right?! In all honesty, we are just trying to demonstrate how much we can all still accomplish with minimal equipment and appreciate that it isn’t the amount of equipment we have that makes our training great. ______________ I am using our Strength Ultimate Sandbag here at 60 pounds which is most usable for people that won’t that blend of strength and conditioning. The key about our Ultimate Sandbags is that different sizes are used for different movements and the way we perform certain movements. That is because we have dimension to consider with Ultimate Sandbags so we designed them to achieve specific goals. Try this workout and see what we mean! Don’t forget we are still giving 30% off our Ultimate Sandbags with code “save30” ➡️ You can find the 🔗 in my BIO. -Lateral Clean to Front Loaded Lateral Lunge Right x 6-8 -Shouldering to Shoulder Leg Threading Right  x 4-6 -Lateral Overhand Bent Row Right x 8-10 -Lateral Clean to Front Loaded Lateral Lune Left x 6-8 -Shouldering to Shoulder Leg Threading Left  x 4-6 -Lateral Overhand Bent Row Left x 8-10 -Push-up Thrusters x 30 seconds -Front Loaded Rotations to Squat Try 2-4 Rounds

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