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3 MUST Use Exercises

Wow! What a fantastic experience we just had in Orlando presenting at the Perform Better Summit! Not only did we just have a killer group of people, but we saw some massive transformations! We only speak for 75 minutes, but in that time it is literally incredible the changes we can see in how people move! 

Like what? The idea of improving one’s flexibility by activating their core more is new to many and old to some. Yet, in either case it never gets old to see both groups of people literally have their mouths hang open when they see the dramatic changes that occur when we do one simple looking drill. 

How does activating the core help your flexibility? Very simply, many flexibility problems are due to your nervous system trying to protect itself because it doesn’t feel stable. If you deep core muscles aren’t firing then your body tries to protect itself by reducing the range of motion of your extremities. When the core feels stable then the body allows areas like the shoulders and hips to move more freely. Oh and I mean it is dramatic the difference. 


Our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Kneeling Around the Worlds are usually the easiest remedy. Does this look like a halo you can do with a kettlebell or plate? Maybe, but the range of motion that you achieve with the Ultimate Sandbag is dramatically different and that means the result you get is also so much more impactful! Just ask our attendees when we improved a gentlemen by like 30 degrees in his hamstring flexibility in 15 seconds!



Thanks to DVRT instructor, Jon-Erik Kawamoto, for the great demonstration!

Ok, you want some serious power. I don’t know, maybe in something like a kettlebell swing? After all, you got this exercise down right? Your form is great? Even with all that being true, we can drive up your kettlebell swing power in seconds as well. No seriously! How? 


DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Front Loaded Good Mornings are the answer! The same movement, hip hinge, is used as in the kettlebell swing. So, where does the extra power come from. Like our Kneeling Around the World, we really load up that core! Not just the core though, we tie in the lats as well which connects our body’s natural chains. We wake-up some of the smaller stabilizers people bypass in their kettlebell swings and make the body move smarter which results in super horse power! You can use just a few repetitions of the Front Loaded Good Morning before your kettlebell swings, power cleans, jumps, or any power movement and you will get more out of them! 


Then there is the infamous DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Lateral Drag. You would think as often as we speak about this drill there weren’t be too many secrets left about it. However, whenever we present the why’s and how’s of this great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise, the light bulbs go off for people!

What you have to first understand is we are teaching how your whole body engages with the ground, but specifically the hands and feet. Most people aren’t really focused on either! When your hands engage the ground you need to spread your fingers and GRIP the ground as hard as possible! As soon as you do so, not only do your shoulders feel more stable, your core become more active, but magically those painful wrists don’t exist! That goes for your feet too. 

Don’t just be on your toes, but DIG into your toes. When you do so you will find your legs extend and you get great tension in your hamstrings and glutes. One BIG reason you will see the hips rise into the air during such plank types of exercises is because people aren’t pushing through their feet. 

Once your foundation is set and you go to grab the handle of the Ultimate Sandbag, we immediately feel all the planes of motion kick in. Which means we need to create MORE force with our feet and grip the ground even harder with our stance arm. That full body tension you feel is what keeps you from moving. While most think the goal is to move the Ultimate Sandbag from side to side, the REAL goal is to move the weight WITHOUT moving the body. That is where Ultimate Sandbag Iso Pulls come in handy and can be a great way to build that total body strength that will transfer to just about anything you do in your workouts! 


People always say they want easy, well, it doesn’t get easier than making yourself employ three exercises that literally transform the way you move, feel, and perform. Here is the trick though, you’ve heard me say it….you gotta do it! So, use these three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills and watch your fitness literally change before your eyes!

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