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3 Powerful Total Body Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere

ultimate sandbag training

Something we are really wanting to help people in seeing is how easy it is to use our DVRT system to give great total body workouts. Those that are effective, challenging, fun, and purposeful. When you use many of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise that you don’t have to perform a million different movements to hit all the muscles in your body, you can actually train more efficiently!

sandbag training

I wanted to not just discuss these ideas, but highlight someone who does it really well! Lina Midla does a great job featuring not just our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises, but how to put the pieces together in such total body workouts. The reason I wanted to share some of these total-body workouts by Lina is that she shows how we transform the familiar and expose you to smarter functional fitness through the principles of DVRT. The 3 principles you should really think about are…

-The load position (where do we place the Ultimate Sandbag on our body or hold it)

-The body position (what stance do we use when we perform the exercise as we often change the stance to increase the effectiveness and challenges of the movement)

-The plane of motion (think of this as the direction in training) 

These Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts aren’t complicated, they are just unfamiliar to most. However, using them makes you use more muscles, build functional training qualities like stability and mobility along with your strength training, and help us see how much we can achieve with relatively little equipment and space! Sounds pretty perfect right now huh?!

Workout 1

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Super Fun Gym Sesh on Monday 20/40 #MRT style! . . Ready for a workout that will give you all the feels and check all those strength training, conditioning, and functional fitnessing boxes?! . . Ready for a set of 6 exercises that will make you work hard AF, but leave you still full of energy to tackle the rest of your dang day! . . THE MOVES (1)MAX Lunge Power Clean R (2)SA OH Press R (3)MAX Lunge Power Clean L (4)SA OH Press L (5)Alternating Cross-Over Good Morning (6)Bag Drag & Tricep Push-Up Combo . . THE WORKOUT -Perform each exercise for 20 seconds with maximum intensity -Rest 40 seconds -Once you hit the end of the list start back at the top -Repeat for 4-5 rounds . . I was super excited to PR my SA OH Press with a 35# bell this week!! . . Like this workout and want to give it a try?? Hit SAVE so you have it in your pocket for later. . . Going to give it a try? Double tap it! . . Have questions or want to critique my form 😉 leave a comment below!! . . Want to get started with sandbag magic like this??? Send me a DM and let’s talk strategy and all things bags whoop!!

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Workout 2

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ROBUST SANDBAG COMBO FTW!!! . . Ready for one ☝️ exercise combination that checks a whole bunch of boxes?? ☑️ Hinge ☑️ Vertical Pull ☑️ Core Anti-Flexion & Anti-Rotation ☑️ Lunge ☑️ Vertical Press ☑️ Power ☑️ Single Leg ☑️ And more . . THE MOVES 1. Crossover Power Clean to Fists 2. Fist loaded Curtsey Thruster . . THE WORKOUT ➡️ Perform combo on the same side without stopping for 30 seconds. ➡️ Rest 30 seconds ➡️ Repeat on second side ➡️ Rest 1 minute ➡️ Repeat for 5 times . . Sounds fun? Press save and give it a try later! Double tap and let me know if it’s something you think you’ll try! . . As always, comment below with questions and when you’re ready to discover the ORDER OF SAND 😆 , DM me and let’s chat about training together 💪

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Workout 3

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20/40 MRT Inspired By @Corymcripe . . This past Saturday, I missed Cory’s group MRT but when I text him for the deets of the workout, he didn’t disappoint! I DID make some tweaks to the movements to add the exact flavors I wanted for this 6-Course meal, but overall it was DELICOUS so I hope you enjoy the recipe! . . THE MOVES 1.Reverse Lunge With OH Press R 2.Alt Crossover Good Mornings 3.Reverse Lunge With OH Press L 4.Rotational Rows 5.Knee-Hover Rock-Back Push-Ups 6.Alt SP Fist -Loaded Squats . . THE DEETS Perform each exercise for 20 seconds with INTENT & INTENSITY Rest for 40 seconds Repeat all for 5 rounds . . Save this for later and double tap if you’re going to give it a try! . . Want to get started with sandbags but feel intimidated, lost, confused? DM me and lets chat about how to get you slinging sand with confidence!

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Now, I chose somewhat advanced total-body workouts from Lina, but I wanted to show not only how we progress DVRT but how a busy mom, wife, and business owner can make her fitness a priority by not making it a marathon, but something very thoughtful and efficient.

I also wanted to highlight these total-body workouts because a lot of people wonder how they are going to change the weight of the Ultimate Sandbag workouts. We don’t typically change the weight because we don’t have to (as we have better options) and it really isn’t practical. At the same time, we don’t think you need an Ultimate Sandbag for every 5 pounds you want to go up and go down. Don’t get me wrong, if you WANT to do this that’s fine with me as I have rescue dogs to feed:) However, we think that is missing the point of what we teach in our DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) system. Our goal is to give you better solutions to your training goals and that happens to be showing you how to accomplish more with less!

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ultimate sandbag workouts