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3 Powerful Ways To Use Kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbag

sandbag fitness equipment

The idea of a bigger toolbox is only really helpful to our training goals if we use the tools to accomplish training qualities that can’t be developed any other way. As I often say, using a saw for a hammer is using a tool, but not the right tool for what we want to achieve. I get that kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags can look similar, but I can also tell you having worked with A LOT of people from different kettlebell communities that the differences in real life can be pretty profound.

ultimate sandbag

This isn’t an argument of which is better, but hoping to help people see how we can use both in meaningful ways. That is why I wanted to share some of our DVRT concepts in both programming and exercise selection to show how we combine kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags in such ways.

So, how can we go about doing so? In our first example, I show in just a few movements how we can develop stability, core strength, and get a great metabolic workouts with just a couple of kettlebells and an Ultimate Sandbag.

One of the things I love most about using kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags as my gym (they really do make up 90% of my training), is that we just a few exercises we can achieve so much. We can build functional training qualities that people don’t even really understand how to program like multi-planar strength. In doing so, we not only develop great mobility and stability, but actually use MORE muscles in our body. How do we do it? Check out the workout below…

There are just so many options in the ways we can use kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, that is why we offer so much in our online educational programs (you can check out HERE) and blog posts. Progression is key, but often people just need to see how we take the concepts into real life workouts. The one below demonstrates just how easy it is to make any place an awesome gym with a couple of kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags.

These workouts aren’t just difficult, they build functional strength in the manner it was intended. We not only train a TON of muscles, but we teach them to work in synergy at such a higher level. In such training we can see what we may be lacking that could be keeping us from achieving our goals. Hopefully seeing that kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags offer so much versatility and fun will help you see how they can each provide us very unique forms of training that help us perform, look, and live better!

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