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3 Powerful Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere!

sandbag exercise equipment

I’ll be honest, the events of the last few days didn’t leave me inspired. Like so many though it has been a flurry of emotions, but I have always found a refuge and way of dealing with so much through movement. Just focusing on something positive like my own DVRT workouts seems to help me find peace as well as helps me physically. So, if you are feeling anything close to the same which I am sure many of you are, we have three great DVRT workouts that you can do anywhere.

ultimate sandbag workouts

Dwight wants to share some great workouts with you!

Workout 1

Coach Cari Satre has been doing a great job sharing workouts that can be done with minimal equipment and literally anywhere. She does a great job focusing on good movement, but also balanced workouts that are smart and highly effective. Right now, whether you are training at home, outside, or are going to the gym, these are great ways to improve your overall functional fitness goals.


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Workout 2

One of the hardest concepts of our DVRT program to convey because it is so unique is the idea different sizes of Ultimate Sandbags are used for different movements. We don’t just a have a weight to consider, but also a dimensional component that is done on purpose. It allows us to create different techniques to help people move better. There is purpose to everything we do, while there is some crossover of movements you can do with our different sizes but Cari does a great job showing some of these differences. Drills like dead bugs and our bird dog drags are two great examples in this series showing how versatile and powerful even smaller weights in DVRT can be for helping people learning to perform better.


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Workout 3

Jessica and I often joke that we are the worst fitness equipment company in the world. That is largely because we aren’t a fitness equipment company we are a fitness educational company with a training tool that we help teach functional fitness concepts through. That may sound like semantics but the point of sharing this is how much we can accomplish with 1-2 Ultimate Sandbags. People that get into DVRT really see the value of the different sizes of Ultimate Sandbags, but that doesn’t mean your upfront commitment has to be a lot to really get going in our program. You can achieve a lot with 1-2 Ultimate Sandbags as Cari shows below.

We hope that these workouts not only give you some great training ideas today, but give you something positive to focus upon right now. It is our mission to continue to give you great training information and ideas to make 2021 a great year for you!

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