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3 Total Body Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag workouts

One of the things that I believe that has made us last 16 years in an ever changing field is our honesty with people about creating better solutions. While we of course believe that our Ultimate Sandbags are unbelievable training tools, we also recognize that there are other tools that work better for certain exercises. A great example of such tools are resistance bands and kettlebells. It isn’t randomly trading one in for the other though, but using what each tool does well to give us better results. That is why today I wanted to give you 3 dynamic total body workouts that focus on these very tools. So, I hope you will really enjoy what these great coaches have to offer in better kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbag workouts!

kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag workouts


♦️ Alternating Lateral Deadlifts⁣ x 6-8 per side
♦️ Push Up Thrusters⁣ x 30 seconds
♦️ F Loaded Spr Squats R⁣ x 8-10
♦️ KB Row w Band Fly R⁣ x 6-8
♦️ F Loaded Spr Squats L⁣ x 8-10
♦️ KB Row w Band Fly L x 6-8

30 seconds in between exercises, perform 3-4 rounds


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A post shared by Cory M. Cripe (@corymcripe)

-Shoulder Lunge Right x 10-12

-Lateral Drag x 4-6 per side

-Shoulder Lunge Left x 10-12

-Rotational Press x 6-8 per side

Rest 30 seconds in between workouts and perform 3-5 rounds

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USB lat step high pull to MAX lunge clean, 30 sec/side

Hand release push-up x 30 seconds

Kettlebell rotational clean to rack squat, 30 sec/side

TRX side plank with USB row, 30 sec/side

Rest 30 second in between sets and perform 3-5 rounds