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3 Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises for Crazy Core & Glutes Strength

sandbag workout

This past weekend was the last of over 30 DVRT educational programs we did this year. To me, the most exciting part is to have over 30 chances to have a real positive impact on the fitness industry. Let’s face it, people are probably MORE confused about good quality training than ever. The internet can be a great place, but it is often a scary place where people can say whatever they want without really much sense.

That’s why I was especially excited to have our last DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training of 2017 be at a medical wellness clinic. I’ve always hoped that we would be able to get into more clinical arenas and thanks to the quality of the education that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training offers we are getting there!

sandbag training

This facility was very cool, mostly because the people were so dedicated to people that usually don’t get the “sexy” label in fitness. Sure, I was one of those young coaches too that dreamed of training professional athletes all day. However, as I have gotten older I have realized the people that REALLY need our help are those that are very over weight, de-conditioned, and/or overcoming injury.

So, I was super motivated to make this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training one of our best yet! Interestingly enough, the doctor that ran the facility knew of us, but the staff knew very little. Sometimes that is a good thing because what people THINK we are and what we actually are can be two very different things.

Having a clean slate allowed me to really focus on how we use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to teach better movement skills, not sandbag training. Heck, that’s why we call our program DVRT instead of “Sandbag Training Certification”. The principles of movement we teach people helps accelerate progress like most have never experienced, this group definitely was surprised as well!

It was super cool to have the doctor there to participate the entire time too, that really shows some quality dedication. One of the primary points I try to drive home to people is that we can’t make a difference unless we understand how the body creates movement.

sandbag training

That’s a really different approach than most. Even though many people would claim to be functionally based, in actuality they are still into bodybuilding. They speak about muscles in our body as though they work in isolation. That never happens, no you don’t understand….that NEVER actually happens!

Even bodybuilding prior to the 1960’s was more largely free weight full body based. That is before the introduction of machines that tried to isolate everything (btw, that sounds like an installment of another Terminator movie too as I think about it;). Now we are better about not using machines to isolate every muscle in our body, but now we are trying to use free weights to do the same!

Two great examples are training of the core and glutes. People think there is good intention there as both these areas of the body have huge influence over our everyday strength and injury resistance. People even THINK they are doing the right thing because they can “feel the burn” but man, that’s a really lousy way to judge an exercise.

Look at the training of the glutes first, how many times have you heard someone say “squeeze your glutes?” Trust me, I’ve done it, it is STUPID! When have you done anything in life or sport where you sat there and actively squeezed your glutes, it simply isn’t how the body works! Instead try this, stand up and squeeze the ground with your feet as though your feet were your hands grabbing the ground as HARD as you can. What happens? Oh did your glutes just get tight?! You didn’t have to squeeze your glutes, you HAVE to push into the ground.

Your glutes don’t work by some random squeeze you do in life, they work when you walk, run, or when you drive into the ground lifting something heavy. That simple change DRAMATICALLY changes people’s low backs, their strength, and yes, the way they look as if you can lift more, lift longer, you will look better!

sandbag training

That’s why in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we do three things when it comes to the training of the glutes. First, we get people to use the feet on EVERYTHING. Ever notice how hard it is to walk when you stub a toe? How about the fact your hands and feet have a lot in common in their design, think your feet would be really, really important?

Second, the glutes don’t ever, no listen, EVER just work by themselves. More specifically they work the lats and core to stabilize your body during walking, running, and the general motion. Ever wonder how we could do such dynamic actions, but be stable doing so? The body is designed for motion, so it is pretty darn smart. Don’t believe me, do something simple, try to deadlift a weight from the ground with your lats relaxed, let me save you the suspense, it sucks! Powerlifters for years have taught their lifters to use the lats in the deadlift, you think there might be a connection? STOP trying to isolate the glutes and involve the core and lats. Watch how much better you move and how much stronger you are!
Some unusual but powerful ways we use movement strength to build the core and glute connection. 

In fact, we used such techniques this weekend during our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training course to teach pressing. Yea, to press a lot of weight you have to use your glutes and core by pressing into the ground. Not only does it make you stronger, but you instantly take pressure off one’s shoulders and you don’t hurt in the process. Cool right?!

Last thing, we want to progress our training of the glutes by making them produce and resist force at the same time. I know, your buddies never asked you how much force you resisted today in the gym, but THIS type of strength is one of the best measures of real world strength. Research, coaches, and pretty much anyone that watches people move can tell you that the highest incidence of injury comes from our bodies not being able to resist forces as we move.

Think of the football player that tears his ACL while cutting on the field, the baseball pitcher who hurts their rotator cuff while throwing. These aren’t issues of acceleration, but deceleration. After all, people don’t fall up, they fall down because they can’t decelerate themselves.

There is a reason in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training that we remind people that your glutes are shaped like a fan and not a straight line like your biceps. You see, muscles that are designed in such a linear manner do relatively simple jobs. Your biceps flex your arm and resist excessive extension of the elbow. Your glutes though are more like a fan because they must propel your body forward but also resist motion side to side. If you didn’t you would have one heck of a cat walk going.

So, what does that mean for your training? Smart training of the glutes and core connects these chains and advances to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that represent these concepts. That’s why our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise don’t typically look like what you see in the gym, that’s because we are trying to get the body better at life, not just look good in the gym.

That doesn’t mean we get even better results though. As I said to the group this weekend if I asked which was more likely to make you look better, training the body as it is designed or go COMPLETELY against its design, how would you answer? I think I know:)

To illustrate where DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can go with the training of glutes and core check out two great illustrations by two really smart and strong women. Rachel Cosgrove of renowned Results Fitness and Jessica of the infamous DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training offer two really great ways to take all the concepts we discussed and create DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that really grab their essence.

If we start thinking differently, if we actually start training people with not just muscles in mind, but people, we can make a real difference! I hope DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can be a leader in helping people understand we can train hard, be smart, feel and look our best!

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