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3 Ultimate Sandbag Workouts For Dynamic Functional Fitness

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We have really tried to make 2021 the year we show people how they can take all the exercises we have in our system to create some pretty awesome Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Now maybe more than ever, we know people are looking for fitness solutions that don’t require a lot of equipment, space, and time. Since 2005 we have really believed in that our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts could solve so many fitness goals and create workouts that accomplish so much at once, but we know that earning people’s trust that this is true would take time. After 16 years we like to think we have done a good amount in earning that trust in always leading our Ultimate Sandbag workouts with the why’s.

In that spirit, I want to highlight some great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts from some terrific coaches. The great part is that these workouts don’t take more than 1-2 Ultimate Sandbags and don’t require a lot of time or space, just some dedicated hard work! Let’s check them out…

Workout 1

Our first of our Ultimate Sandbag workouts comes from DVRT Master, Drew McConaha. Complexes are always a great way to get a lot done in a short amount of time while training the whole body. However, far too often, complexes are not well balanced in their movement patterns and over stress 1-2 movement patterns. Plus, the order of the exercises and the complexity can be over the top. What Drew recommends in this workout is a great way to show how to organize some great complexes.

ultimate sandbag workouts

Ultimate Sandbag Workout – After a full warm up, complete as many good rounds as possible in 20 minutes or aim for 4-6 rounds at your own pace.

1. USB Clean and Press x 5
2. USB Front Hold Squat x 5
3. USB Max Lunge x 5ea
4. USB Bent Over Row x 5

The goal should be to rest as little as possible between each movement. However, if you need to rest a little definitely do so to keep the quality of your work high and start to build where you need less and less. I’d recommend women start with a 40 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag and men a 60 pound Strength USB.


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Workout 2

Our next workout comes from Cari Satre. She has been showing some outstanding DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts both inside and outside her house, showing how versatile DVRT and the Ultimate Sandbag can be for our training. Her Ultimate Sandbag workouts have had a great combination of strength, power, stability, and conditioning all at once.

Ultimate Sandbag workouts

What does this workout entail? Cari uses our Force and Core Ultimate Sandbags as having a smaller and larger Ultimate Sandbag is ideal for this workout (although it is always possible to make do with what you have and feel free to write us to find out how). However, having a smaller and larger Ultimate Sandbag is a gym that can accomplish so much training and give you great power to your Ultimate Sandbag workouts. So, how does the program go? (Recommended for women is a 10 pound Core Ultimate Sandbag along with a 30 pound Force Ultimate Sandbag, men, a 20 pound Power USB and 50 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag)

This 4 exercise circuit is a full body Ultimate Sandbag workout will challenge your body AND your mind, and while forcing your core to work overtime to stabilize you.

💪5 per side Bear crawl sandbag drag
💪10 per side Sprinter Stance Clean to Fwd Stepping Lunge
💪5 per side Half Kneeling Arc Press
💪10 per side Shovel to MAX Lunge

Take a 30 sec rest between each exercise.

3-5 rounds total

Workout 3

For the last of our Ultimate Sandbag workouts, we go back to Drew as he demonstrates a challenging but fun total body workout. During this workout we have again great balance of movement patterns and the qualities of stability, strength, power, mobility, and conditioning. We recommend women use a 30 pound Force Ultimate Sandbag and men a 50 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag for this series.

1. USB Clean to Front Hold Rotational Lunge x 5ea
2. USB Squat and Press x 5
3. USB Rear Step Deadlift to Bent Over Row x 5ea
4. USB Leg Threading x 3ea

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