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3 VERY Unique Ultimate Sandbag Keys For Greater Strength

sandbag exercise equipment

When I began to learn to market my training business, one of the first lessons was to “eliminate the noise”. Meaning, most of us don’t do better in our decision making when we have a lot of options, or feel as though the decision to purchase something to solve our needs is complicated. I can share with you that probably the biggest criticism I have gotten with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag program over the years is that I make things too complicated.

It is interesting that we use complicated in a negative sense, algebra is more complicated than additional and subtraction, fixing a car engine is more complicated than putting gas in your car, most of us would think the right way to cook pasta is complicated. The point is, we don’t actually mean complicated when we say it, we actually are asking, “is this necessary”. THAT is a completely different question and one we try to discuss a lot here.

Complicated could also mean we don’t really understand what we are seeing. If you had only make Folgers coffee at home and think about entering a Starbucks, that would seem VERY complicated. Weird names, sizes I don’t understand, options I never knew to consider. However, I see kids order from Starbucks all the time, so often complicated can just be our frame of reference.

Why am I taking time to share this with you? Well, I could tell you to just use an Ultimate Sandbag like a barbell, maybe like a kettlebell even. That would make things seem far more simple, but here is the problem, I wouldn’t be doing you or the Ultimate Sandbag justice! The impact of what our DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag could provide would seem so much less if we did so and the unique attributes of the tool would be only watered down to being a novel form of a barbell or kettlebell. There isn’t a lot of value there and I wouldn’t have dedicated almost 20 years of my professional life to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training if that is all it was.

However, because DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can seem “noisy” to people that are brand new, we try to promote specific aspects of the many parts of our system and tools to help people see why we are so passionate about our work. This week we have been highlighting the benefits that our simple Core Strap provides in expanding what we can do with our functional strength training and makes the Ultimate Sandbag and even more powerful and unique training tool. Here are three examples that really demonstrate how if you take the time to tune down some of the noise, there are so many solutions in our program.

Makes Teaching Exercises Easier

The Core Strap can attach to our Ultimate Sandbags to help people learn some important movement concepts. One is that creating core tension should be foundational to everything we do. When we have proper core engagement we have a body that performs and moves better. That doesn’t occur by just saying, “use your core”, but teaching people HOW to do so by having feedback that helps them understand the proper intent of their core. Here are a few examples…

These skills can help us also teach other movements like how our Core Strap and Ultimate Sandbag can be a powerful way to teach kettlebell swings more successfully.

Better Stability Training

When people hear the term “stability training” they often think of very slow, ground based, and often movements that don’t really address the needs of true stability.

stability training

A key in understanding true stability training is that we want to allow wanted movement while resisting unwanted movement. That means, we often have to move to really work on stability training, especially at higher levels. What the Core Strap allows us to accomplish is that we can provide different forces acting upon the body. The Ultimate Sandbag works the same as all weights in respect to it reacts to gravity so the movements are largely up and down. Attaching the Core Strap expands at how we can build and challenge stability through different strategies.


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Coach Robin Paget shows how we can be moving in one direction while resisting another, as well as emphasizing the impact of some movements like our Arc Press. This doesn’t just address stability, but strength and muscle building too! You need to use MORE muscles when you have to react to forces like in these Ultimate Sandbag drills.

The crew at Fitness Lying Down shows even in foundational exercises we can start to challenge these qualities with the Ultimate Sandbag and Core Strap to expand our training and teach more sophisticated strength training concepts.

Build To Higher Level Strength Training

I did it for a long time too! If the weight was big, of course I was building great functional strength. Of course you do build some strength by focusing on squats, deadlifts, etc., but eventually the transfer isn’t as great as we would like to think. When we move in more sophisticated ways we teach the body strength that transfers better because we amplify and connect the qualities of strength, stability, mobility, and power. A great example is how DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, helps us show some great hip hinge progressions of higher level deadlifts.

I like to say more sophisticated strength training is what we are after with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training because complex makes people scared, they think of unnecessary, rather than combining skills that are important for the way we move and perform. Imagine if we never got further in math than addition and subtraction, so many things would seem unnecessary, complicated, and even intimidating. However, we know chemistry, physics, and so much more require higher levels of math to really make our lives better. The concepts of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training are like that, however, I showed how we can use it from very foundational problem solving to high level fitness/strength building. Purpose and a system helps us understand the differences!

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