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3 Ways to Better Fitness

3 Ways to Better Fitness Results-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Is there one, two, or three things that really completely change your training? I say that there might be more, but so many people miss a few “big bang for your buck” ideas. That is today’s post. How you can take three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts and completely change how effective workouts can become. 

#1 Learn to Move

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has been pounding this drum for quite some time. What do I mean though? Learning to move is more than just lifting a weight, we have several means in which we want to see you move better…..

-your flexibility during an exercise.

-your ability to produce movement in a different plane.

-your ability to lift in unstable situations.

Performing the squat is more than just what you lift, but how you move at the ankle, knees, and hips!

Eh, why do this though? Go into almost any gym or training facility and it would be hard to find someone moving more than just up and down. So, why should you?

Moving a greater range of motion will activate more muscles in your body making any exercise far more efficient and beneficial. Additionally, moving through a full range of motion keeps your body healthy and far less likely to suffer the aches and pains that so many experience in fitness programs. 

Going in different planes actually activates muscles that were either on break, or train them slightly differently. For awhile I was performing a lot of backward lunges, I was getting pretty strong on them as well! Then I decided to make a relatively easy switch, just go forwards with the lunge. Not a big difference right? My lower body was sore for like 5 days because I had neglected varying the direction and way I moved! 

Try to move in a multitude of ways is also how REAL functional training is achieved. As leading spine expert, Dr. Stuart McGill states, “…consider exercises such as the squat. Interestingly when we measure world class strongmen carrying weight, NFL footballers running planting the foot and cutting – neither of these are trained by the squat. This is because these exercises do not train the quadratus lumborum and abdominal obliques which are so necessary for these tasks.”

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has a ton of drills that adhere to these concepts!

Dr. McGill recommends spending less time under the barbell and performing more movement oriented drills challenging the body in how it stands when one lifts, how you load the body in different ways, and combining these elements. Sound familiar? If it is good enough for professional athletes, then it is DEFINITELY something you should consider!

#2 Do The Opposite!

Another one of my favorite concepts that I love to call my George Constanza rule. Yea, the George Constanza from Seinfeld! In one of the legendary episodes George can’t get anything to go his way. He decides to start doing everything the opposite. What happens? EVERYTHING starts going his way. 


Now, I am not suggest you do the opposite just to do something different. Most of us though get stuck, we get locked on things that we are naturally good at. Some do all high reps, other low reps, many use only a very select number of exercises, some use too broad of an exercise list. 

If you are traditionally doing a lot of low repetition training, try a cycle of higher repetitions. Same for the other way! If you are use to only doing a small handful of exercises try to broaden your movement skills. If you do a lot of general movements, spend a cycle on more focused training. Chances are why your results were slowing down or plateauing was you forgot to use some of these simple ideas. 

#3 Forget The Numbers

This MIGHT be the hardest thing I ask you to do. After all fitness is ALL about numbers! How much you lift, how many times you perform an exercise, how long did it take you. After all, it makes sense, it is how you can chart your progress. So, why in the world would I ask you to forget the numbers?!

I am not suggesting to do EVERYTHING by feel, but to not be such a slave to the numbers we usually focus upon. During one workout I knew Jessica probably should have taken the day off. However, she was determined to perform a workout. I could tell she was tired and generally annoyed (no, it wasn’t my fault!). I had a planned DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout for us, but could tell a lot was going to need to be modified. 

During the first exercise she threw down the Ultimate Sandbag in frustration. I simply said, drop the weight, or drop the repetitions, whatever allows you to do the exercise really well. She fired back, “then what is the point if I am not following the workout?!”

Even for her I had to remind her that our workout plan was just that, a plan. If it needed to be modified one way or another that was fine. What was MOST important was that she moved and performed the exercises well. You aren’t cheating if you need to adjust the workout plan, the whole point is to just give you some direction to your training. 

Don’t get consumed with the weight, the repetitions, and all the other training variables. Use them, but for guidance. 

When people ask me how much weight they should use in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts I tell them, “it depends”. That isn’t usually an answer they like, but it really does! My answer usually follows this path….

-How well do you perform the movement

-What is the goal of using the exercise

-How does it fit within the scope of other exercises

-How will the weight work with the other variables in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system (i.e. body position, load position, dimension of Ultimate Sandbag, plane of motion, volume, density, etc.)

How can you answer this question for yourself? Be honest! How well do you really own the movement? Why are you using the drill (endurance, strength, power, etc.)? What other exercises are in your workout, are you using all really complex DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises or are you using a nice blend? 

If you can answer these questions and follow the other two DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts I wrote about, I guarantee you one thing, your workouts WILL improve! However, you have to try, get out of your comfort zone and see how you can make these ideas work for you, after all that is what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is all about! 


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