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360 Degrees of Fitness

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training: 360 Degrees of Fitness

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At last year’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Summit, I gave our coaches a challenge! Yea, we had that fun DVRT Clean and Press test, but that may have been easier than the more cerebral challenge that laid before them. 

I asked them from their perspective how they would describe DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training being different. Oh, and it had to be one sentence! 

I wasn’t looking for a discussion on the Ultimate Sandbag itself, but the results that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gave people. Why they, as fitness professionals, thought DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was such an important part of their training and that of their clients. 

There were some really great answers, but when Kari Negraiff, co-owner of Envision Fitness in Maple Ridge BC, came up I was really blow away. In the time I have known Kari I know that she doesn’t speak often, but when she does it usually with great thought. 

That is why when she said that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training wasn’t about training even in all three planes of motion, but rather 360 degrees of movement, even I was like, “Yea!” 

Kari not only has great ideas, but knows how to do serious work along side co-owner Steve Di Tomaso

It can be hard for those that haven’t tried,

Those that look from the outside to really, understand why we are so passionate, why we make such a big deal, why we want to scream from the roof tops about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can really make your life better!

When you think about it, the 360 degrees of strength makes a lot of sense. It isn’t one thing, it is a bunch of things that makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training such a great program for making you stronger, leaner, and more athletic in ways you just didn’t know existed. I can say that because I REALLY didn’t know myself! 


DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, put his own stamp on the idea. He called it “sport strength”. Now most people are not competitive athletes, but that isn’t what Troy meant. We want to be able to move athletically, this means with balance, coordination, and strength that goes well beyond the weight room. 

I tell you all this because as DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training continues to push through to try to make fitness better, we get asked, more and more. Is that “sandbag” program really that good? How can it be? 

I say not only can it be, but it is. Largely because of two awesome things….the best people are a part of making it a great resource for you, coaches and people that I am thankful everyday that are so dedicated to having integrity and desire. Secondly, the RIGHT tool. I have written enough on this topic, but at the same time I can’t ever stop saying how important it is!

I know you have seen them, things that look like an Ultimate Sandbag. Let me reassure you, we have too! Most importantly, they are nowhere close! The only way to believe us is that this is what we continue to make better, not just to have a better Ultimate Sandbag, but to allow you to achieve things you have always wanted. We take it as an honor that so many of you have let us be a part of your life and we will NEVER take it for granted!

For now though, experience the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training difference and 360 degrees of fitness in today’s workout!