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The Most Misunderstood Ultimate Sandbag Core Exercise

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We live in a really weird time, as social media has become more of a staple in our lives it has dictated how we act, feel, and often think. That usually leads to us only seeing the end of result of things, we expect to only see perfection, we have forgotten that so much is often learned in life and fitness by the journey.

Anyone who has coached knows when learning any exercise there is less than perfect form. What we want to differentiate between what is unsafe and what is just movement we want to improve upon. Kira Stokes made an Instagram post when she was going through the same process and I think it speaks perfectly to this idea.

In the post, she discusses trying our Ultimate Sandbag Training Around the World for the first time and the fact was she realized she wanted to work on some aspects of the movement. While she did really well, what I was most impressed with her was her willingness to say that she wanted to practice and build her skill.

“Today was not “giving up a Saturday”…it was using a Saturday to gain knowledge bombs, to train my brain, to acquire nuggets of information that will make me and my clients BETTER. Never stop learning – you owe it to yourself and those who turn to you for guidance (no matter what industry you’re in).
I’m a work in progress right here – I need more hip action, and to make my Ultimate Sandbag Training Around The World (ATW)movement bit more compact (when bag is overhead) but man is it a great dynamic core exercise. Remember – to truly have a strong core, you’ve got to be able to move well in all planes, to make a REAL connection through the natural chains of the body.”


That is what coaches really are about, we don’t look for perfect, we look for better. When I coach our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training educational programs I like to tell attendees that the goal of the programs aren’t for them to achieve perfection that weekend. Rather, I want them to understand concepts, techniques, and principles that with consistent and focused training will lead to success.

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That means success in Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t about being perfect. Which I will admit is hard in this social media world where everyone wants to tear you down the first chance they can. It is about admitting your mistakes, talking about what you want to improve upon, and finding strategies that accomplish those goals.

I like to think a coach is also a role model. Far too often clients think coaches are perfect themselves and have unrealistic expectations for them as well. In actuality nothing could be further from the truth. Sharing things we are working on is often a way to relate to others and encourage them to never stop the chase of better.

That is why DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t built on any one specific exercise or even five of them. Instead, we are about finding progressions so as much as possible we can offer the RIGHT exercise for them and their goals. Isn’t that a much better approach than trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s program?

Progressions to me are about offering solutions. Okay, you can’t do this now so how in our Ultimate Sandbag Training program can we start you and have you experience success. Last weekend a coach asked me a simple but very common and BIG question. He told me he was rather new to the industry and he wanted to do a better job of knowing where to start people.


That’s awesome because that is the type of questions we should be asking ourselves. However, if you only have a bunch of exercises you are often left guessing. Oh and don’t get me started with those who say “just do the basics”, they don’t know what they are talking about. Ask ten coaches what are they ten most basic exercises and you will get ten VERY different answers!

However, having a system of movement can help you not only have a better idea of where to start your training, but where it is going to! What makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training MOST unique isn’t the Ultimate Sandbag, it is the thought process behind our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system!

Think about it, how many programs tell you where to start, where to go, and if you need to, how to go back and where?! The journey, the process, teaches us so much more than just doing a hardcore exercise or workout could ever. You see that I have been putting in video links to answer the question how could Kira learn the Around the World better. How she can still train hard, but be so purposeful, focused, and successful.

A great coach puts people in a position of success, not failure. That is what all of us should be working to help others as well as ourselves understand. That is why people are surprised to hear me talk about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training being a solution, it is confusing if you don’t know what the problem is first!

Let’s do a better job of giving people a fitness map than just an end result. I hope DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can be a system that gives people confidence we are trying to build success one little layer at a time.