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4 Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Training Drills to Become Impact Resistant

4 Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Training Drills to Become Impact Resistant

I loved Coach Holiner’s post yesterday (read it HERE) as it laid the foundation to really talk about what meaningful training should be. We often find people get “stuck” in what they are actually trying to accomplish. You will hear so many goals…

“I want to become stronger”

“I want to become leaner”

“I want to become more powerful”

“I want to feel better”

It still surprises me that after ten years of showing people HOW to accomplish this they often still doubt the ability of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to cover all these bases. That is largely because we look at fitness differently. 

What do I mean? Take being stronger for example. How do you become stronger? Well, we could go heavier, definitely an option, but we could also bring up our weak points, teach our body how to move more efficiently, and bring better balance to our body. 

Getting leaner? Sure, you can try to bounce around the gym or at home just trying to burn as many calories as humanly possible, OR you can use a more effective and scientific approach. By manipulating the compression and time under tension on your body you can drive up your heart rate, stress a ton of muscles at once, and actually become stronger as you work towards you goal of becoming leaner. In fact, research has shown that no other piece of equipment does a better job of creating this type of unique stress than the Ultimate Sandbag. When you add in the dynamic nature of our DVRT program with drills like Rotational Lunges, Around the Worlds, Shoveling, and the Cyclone, you quickly find out that getting leaner doesn’t have to be just more work, but really be smarter fitness!

Feel better? After all, how far do you REALLY get in a fitness program or towards your goals if you are fighting constant aches and pains? Trust me, I know with a personal history of injuries that would be a mile long. 

That all changed when I went from simply beating up my body to applying the principles of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training that we teach you here at our blog almost every day! Amazing that getting healthy can also share a lot with getting stronger, which will also help make you leaner. See a common thread? We might tweak something here and there, but the SYSTEM of DVRT allows us to have success over many different qualities while many struggle to find it in just one!

That is why we love sharing with you new ideas. As DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, and myself came up with the idea of becoming “Impact Resistant”, we wanted to share with all of you how to use ideas from DVRT in a scope that could apply to other training tools and not just to give you variety, but more purpose behind your training. 

Check out today’s video where we show you 4 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag and kettlebell drills that lay out how you can learn to move, learn to be strong, and learn to feel great in a whole new mindset. 

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