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5 Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercises You NEED To Be Using

sandbag exercises



sandbag exercises

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator of DVRT Restoration, DVRT Shoulder Course, & DVRT Pelvic Control Course)

I was pretty grateful for the response of our new “DVRT Better Backs, Knees, & Shoulders” program. It was my first DVRT program showing how powerful our Ultimate Sandbag exercises could be in not just getting you more fit, but feeling better too!

Yet, I knew some people needed a bit more. What do they really need to know? What should they really focus upon in their training? That is why I wanted to come up with 5 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises you really should focus upon to improve your movement and overall functional fitness.

sandbag exercises

Half Kneeling Around the World

A lot of people will look at this drill and think it is too simple to do anything special. Yet, when you break it down it does a lot of things so seamlessly. First it allows us to look at our ability to resist forces in both the hip and trunk which is essential in setting a good foundation for our low back and knees. Then we have this 360 degree movement that takes the shoulders through some of the most neglected ranges of motion. If you can have your shoulders go in external and internal rotation, a problem can be brewing. Then we can have a diagonal lift/chop along with a plank in unique ways and you not only build strength, but increase the nervous system that governs all movement. 


Anterior Body Stretch

I can’t say you need to stretch the shoulders, the thoracic spine, trunk, or hips because the truth is you need all! Even better is understanding how all of these segments are interconnected so JUST trying to move one seems kinda pointless. The body moves in chains, not isolated parts. This simple looking “stretch” actually takes the entire body through a dynamic movement that allows us to focus upon the biggest restrictions while at the same time looking to see how the body functions as a unit. That is the essence of functional training.

Diagonal Bird Dog Drag

The Bird Dog falls under the “looks easier than it is” category. The beauty of the drill comes in being aware of the details. Not rotating, the extending the low back, don’t shrug the shoulders. All of this is worth it as experts like, Dr. Stuart McGill, has the Bird Dog as one of the top three core stability exercises. The Diagonal Drag in our Ultimate Sandbag Training system just adds more layers to this drill. We combine diagonal patterning that again, not only builds core strength, but neurological efficiency, but we coordinate the cross pattern that stimulate the natural movement of the body. Not bad, any time we can take a good drill and make it great!

Shinbox Lift/Chop

The ability to internally rotate the hip is something most people don’t talk about, but has a HUGE impact in many functional fitness movements. NOT being able to internally rotate the hip is a common sign of people with low back pain and can impede people’s ability to demonstrate real world power. Taking the classic shinbox drill with our lift/chop combines the elements of hip mobility with core stability. The result? A superior result in overall body movement as core stability fits into our concept of “proximal stability creates distal mobility.” In other words, the better your core functions, the greater mobility you will experience in your shoulders and hips. That means less problems in the big three….backs, knees, and shoulders. 

Baby Get-up

While the turkish get-up gets a lot of play for its power in improving shoulders, core, and hips, most actually probably should begin with the Baby Get-up. Don’t let the name fool you, it is a VERY challenging drill! It combines the elements of a rolling pattern, proper core sequencing, and integration of the lats to create a simple looking, but really something of great difficulty. Most people have their obliques shut off and that will impact several chains that will impact the entire body. No, those bicycle crunches are the best way to turn them on either! 

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