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5 Biggest Kettlebell Training Mistakes

kettlebell training

It is a bit weird to say that I have been using and teaching kettlebells since 2002, man that makes me sound old now! However, in that time I have made so many of the classic mistakes and seen the evolution of how the kettlebell was taught as well. That is why I wanted to share a video that could cover the top 5 mistakes that I have seen occurring with kettlebell training, understanding these ideas will make your kettlebell training so much better and efficient!


You can listen to just the audio HERE

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Here are some very practical examples of how we can use kettlebells more effectively!

This shows the progression we should think about from most to least complex in our kettlebell squat efforts.

Physical therapist, Jessica Bento, helps us show how we use kettlebells to build some great pelvic stability and foundational hip hinge proficiency.


How we can use the kettlebell very strategically to actually help learn how to press overhead safely while building mobility and strength.

You want to use more of the kettlebell clean but don’t know how to avoid the “whack wrist”? Find out how…

How we can use smart complexity by using the kettlebell in more challenging planes of motion like rotation. We can either produce or resist rotation and they each should be used!

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