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5 Much Better Butt Exercises


Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (Fit Foodie Mama)

It seems that lately I am known for two things.  The first being that I’m the resource or go to gal for everything Ultimate Sandbag Training related.  The other being….the size of my booty.  I know, two seemingly random things but actually, they are related.  

Yes, I realize that I am predisposed to having a bigger backside but it doesn’t all have to do with genetics.  The size and round shape have a little something to do with strength too.  Over the years I have been very consistent using and progressing my Ultimate Sandbag Training, I have transformed my booty from a badonkadonk to buns of steel. 

So let’s back it up a minute (pun not intended), I know it sounds like a little vain to all the sudden be talking about my own behind but I swear my glutes have been a topic of conversation lately and it hasn’t been me bringing it up. 

First it was my sister who so kindly compared me to Khloe Kardashian when I was trying on a pair of leggings.  Then, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of myself overhead pressing the Ultimate Sandbag and based on the response I got, you would have thought I was posing in the buff. 

The comments ranged from compliments on the size and shape to straight up suggesting I belonged in some dudes rap video.  While most (not all) of these statements were made privately, it made me realize that yes, my booty has gotten bigger but not in a bad way.  In fact, it’s because I’ve been putting in some serious work with the sandbag so it should have come as no surprise to me that it has transformed. 

So now that I’ve given you the back story (hahaha- sorry, I will stop), here are my 5 favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises for a stronger booty. This isn’t just random, if you REALLY want to know why these are such special exercise you can read the great DVRT past blog post on glute secrets HERE


Just to be clear, there are HUNDREDS of exercises and variation of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises that could be substituted but I picked these particular five because the are the ones I tend to incorporate into my routine most often.  

  1. MAX Lunge. Why it works: The MAX (Multiple Axis) Lunge is performed using the drop step lunge while rotating the Ultimate Sandbag to the side of the body incorporating different planes of motion.  This drill creates a powerful hip extension movement and also helps to active the core.  It’s a big bang for your buck exercise and while challenging to get the hang of, it’s totally worth the reward when you do! 
  2. Bear Hug Squat. Why it works: the beauty of the Bear Hug Squat is that the weight and holding position of the Ultimate Sandbag counterbalances the squat which helps you to stay in a better squatting position.  It reduces the amount of forward lean that is present in most squatting positions allowing you to stay upright which in turn lets you squat deeper and really active the glutes.  
  3. Press Out Squat.  The Press Out Squat is another DVRT Ultimate Sandbag squatting variation that allows you to keep the torso in an upright position.  The pressing of the sandbag outward as you squat down provides a counterbalance which allows you to squat with better, more effective form along with some serious core activation. 
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat.  Another favorite of mine, this booty building exercise helps to strength your hips, active your hamstrings, fires up the gluteus medius as well as actives the core.  With nearly a dozen Ultimate Sandbag variations of this drill- you can include it into your routine with no chance of getting bored- just strong and maybe a bit sore at first 
  5. Single Leg Deadlift.  Wanna really tighten up the hiney? Incorporate the Single Leg Deadlift using the Ultimate Sandbag into your routine.  They will fire up your posterior chain, correct bilateral imbalances and build hip and core strength.  

So those are my five.  Like I said before- there are SO many more DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training specific lower body exercises that would be just as effective but these happen to be the ones that I’ve used to help build my booty.  Wink

While I wouldn’t recommend putting them all in the same workout, you should definitely be adding these into your routine for a stronger, more functional backside.


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